What’s With The New Name?

Originally called, “The Greater Albany Meditation Project”,  we’ve renamed it “The Albany Peace Project”
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If you prefer to scan through words, here’s what’s in the video:

1. The Greater Albany Meditation Project is now called “The Albany Peace Project” because our focused intention is on increasing the peace in downtown Albany in January of 2014. As we discussed it it seemed like it was appropriate to allow participants to call the process whatever they felt most right calling it: meditation, prayer, focused intention, creative visualization etc.

2. Albany Peace Project Founder, Bethany Gonyea interviews SUNY Albany Professor Dr. John Foldy, PhD who shares a bit of the science behind our project.

3. The bottom line: This project can only succeed if enough volunteer participants join us so that we can generate the critical mass to make a scientifically measurable difference in reducing assualts during the research period which starts January 1, 2014.

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