What’s the Difference Between Meditation and Prayer?

African American Male meditating oceanIt has been said that prayer is talking to God while meditation is listening to God.

So is the Albany Peace Project meditation or prayer or something else?

Dr. John Fuldy of SUNY Albany prefers the term, “focused intention.”

Whatever term you feel comfortable using: prayer, meditation, guided visualization, self hypnosis, dreaming, imagining, or focused intention, essentially what we will be doing with the Albany Peace Project in January of 2014 is creating an idea in each of our minds that is in resonance with the other minds participating.

The idea or “focused intention” is either a visual picture of people getting along in Albany or a feeling of people getting along peacefully or the sound of people communicating in healthy ways.

Our research study goal is to lower the number of assaults during the month of January as well as the months to follow. But we know from the basic workings of the human mind as well as the basics of theĀ  “law of attraction” that we get what we focus on.

So we can’t focus on lowering assaults because that is still holding the wrong idea in our minds.

We have to focus our minds collectively on peace and prosperity, wellness and well being. We have to focus our thoughts on people getting along, listening to each other, communicating in healthy ways.

The other piece of the Peace Project is that while we are holding the intention of peace for the City of Albany, NY we also benefit personally from those thoughts for our own lives, our own relationships. It doesn’t matter where we live. We benefit individually from our resonance with others for the collective good.

So while we are looking at the “data” scientifically and hoping to add more evidence to the growing pile of studies that are showing consistently that our thoughts have the power to change the world for the better, ultimately the “payoff” for each individual participating in the project is a very personal benefit in our own lives.