Volunteer Meeting; What are you feeding the field? 5/23 at 7:00

“Perhaps the most significant scientific discovery of our time is that our thoughts, intentions, and emotions are not confined to our brain and body, but they resonate in ‘the world out there.’  The Albany Peace Project/Resonant Peaceful Cities Project puts this effect into practice to achieve a more peaceful, sustainable world.  If we are to survive and thrive, It’s not enough to be peaceful.  We must create peace as well,  If you want to do something significant to make the world a better place, this is your group.”
~ Larry Dossey, MD, Pioneering Integrative Medicine Physician

Author:  ONE MIND:   How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters, Healing Words, Prayer is Good Medicine

As Dr. Rollin McCraty, Research Director of the Institute of Heartmath asks,
“What are you feeding the field today?”

Albany Peace Project Ambassadors/Volunteer Meeting

Monday  May 23 at 7:00 PM
6183 Johnson Road, Albany NY 12203
Please call: 423-6708, Ranee Panetta for help with direcitons.

The need for volunteers is critical this year as the Albany Peace Project embarks on it’s fourth year of demonstrating peace through meditation research.  There are many areas where your special gifts, talents and willing heart can be appreciated and utilized for this project.

Here are some examples:

Community Outreach  –  IT support  –  Writing  –  Posting  – Video Editing Events Planning –   Data Collection  – Interfaith efforts  –  At risk youth efforts  –  Grant Writing.  Your suggestions….

If you feel an urge to give of your heart, please attend this meeting and meet many other likeminded people with positive attitudes and open hearts.

This research won’t work unless we gather more committed meditators.  In these turbulent times, please help us gather more committed meditators to empower all of us with data regarding the power of peaceful intentions.

Just being peaceful is not enough, we must cast our heart’s “vote”  for peace to move the dial toward peace.

Let’s not just talk about peace….but demonstrate it through research.  Please come out and offer your skills.