Upcoming Events – Creative Forgiveness Strategies for A Better Future

Creative Forgiveness Strategies for Clearing Out The Old and Creating A New Life
Sara Madkour
7/16 at 5:30
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road, Cohoes, NY
(next door to the Century house on Route 9, Latham)

Join Yoga and Meditation teachers, Sara Madkour and Jennifer Nickel, for this life changing evening!  Begin releasing old resentments, frustration, and anger using the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono, which is truly transformative. This is a ritual of reconciliation and forgiveness that will bring you a newfound freedom.  As you shift your internal dialog, your relationships with others, will shift accordingly.  The workshop will also include time for self-reflection, breath work, and meditation. .  Sara will guide you through exercises that will begin your healing process and that you can take home with you to expand your practice and expand your inner freedom, as you continue to release that which no longer serves.  You will leave feeling lighter and with less mental chatter, freeing up much needed space and energy, within your mind and your heart, for the things that really matter to you!

Creating Shamanic Sand Paintings For Accelerating Intentions
7/23 at 4:00PM (Rain date 8/6)
Directions: turn off Albany Shaker Road on to Maria Drive, and go one mile.  Parking is on your right.  We will meet in the parking lot.
For Google Maps:  1 Maria Dr, Loudonville, NY 12211


What is a SandPainting?

When we set an intention in life, it often takes a period of time before the intention gains enough energy to sail into the world and interface with the Sacred.  However our intentional efforts can be accelerated through the Shamanic art of sand painting.

The practice of building a sand painting aids energy transformation in a symbolic and mythic way. As the sand painting “shifts,” so does the energy and the world around us.

Traditionally, a Shaman would create a sand painting by drawing a circle in the sand. Using items from nature (stones, sticks, flowers, leaves etc.) he/she would create a visual representation of the client and their situation. Once the Shaman felt the sand painting reflected the way things are “today,” he/she would then change or rearrange the painting to reflect the situation as the client wanted it to be.  Working at the level of the mythic(relating to or resembling myth), the Shaman, by rearranging the painting, could actually shift the client’s reality!

Working on your own, you can create understanding and healing by engaging in this beautiful process.  You may collect these items by trusting your inner guide to draw you to the elements that are symbolic of the issues you are addressing. When collecting these items – especially any part of a living plant – ask permission and then thank the spirit of the plant.

In this workshop, —–By not using words, only images and symbols,  we facilitate our intentions, because words are merely the language of the mind, while images are the language of the soul~

While creating sand paintings, adults often find themselves pleasantly surprised and amused, as they find themselves so completely engaged and focused in a thoroughly enjoyable process;, witnessing how these simple items from the earth that have spoken to them, actually represent their life!

Come enjoy being part of this sacred act, and have the earth speak to you,  as you dialogue with it to shift the energies in your life.  Learn how you can use sand paintings in your every day life for transformation on an as needed basis!

Park Map:  https://www.colonie.org/departments/parksandrec/documents/parkmaps/TheCrossings_trailmap.pdf


Why We Resist Good Feelings and Why Feeling Good is Not A Luxury
“Learning To Endure The State of Bliss”  The Pathwork Lectures
Sunday August 6 at 5:30
Bethany Gonyea
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road, Cohoes, NY
(next door to the Century house on Route 9, Latham)

Why is it that when we are feeling bad, we so often choose the very activity that will make us feel worse such as overeating, over drinking, overthinking, or binge watching Netflix to watch the worse behaviors of human nature?  Why is it that when we want to feel better, we drive ourselves to feel worse?

In this class, we will be examining how we have an almost instinctual tendency to resist pleasure. We will zoom in on the underlying causes and put them under a microscope, in order to gain insight into our self-sabotaging behaviors.   We will also discuss how when we actually  do feel good that we simultaneously tend to feel an underlying sense of fear and apprehension, “waiting for the other shoe to drop.”  We will see how to counter these self limiting feelings, by leading the body into a space that widens our perceptual field. The Reality that you PERCEIVE, is the Reality that you LIVE.. This will give us access to greater personal resources and fine tune input from the Divine.  We will learn that feeling good is not only good for us but it is actually good for our community.  When we can not only tolerate but enjoy feeling good, only then can we be willing to offer ourselves and to be of service to this beautiful and thirsty world around us~

Transformational Leadership Summit
A Retreat for Peace For Those Who Serve Others
Sunday October 1, 2017 12:00-6:00
Stable Gate Winery
10 Linda Way
Castleton-On-Hudson, NY US
15 minutes east of Albany

As transformational leaders, we all face impossible demands on our time.  Without proper perspective, it is easy for our missions to wear us down instead of lift us up.

To help us gain a sustainable, powerful and peaceful perspective during times of change, NUMINOUS, the sponsor of the Global Peaceful Cities Project, is offering a Transformational Leadership Summit, which is entirely designed to meet the needs of yoga teachers and students.

In this event, not only will you be able to network with people who share your interests, you will also learn inspiring skills developed by prominent thought leaders.  These skills will enable you to revisit your own vision with fresh eyes and a new powerful skill set.  You will also learn how partnering with the Global Peaceful Cities Project team may help you to foster your own mission.

This retreat for peace will be near Albany, but still a “world” away, to give you the distance you need to break from your daily routine and open a new space within yourself, to “download” new ideas.

BONUS: Yoga teachers receive 2 hrs of Yoga Alliance Certification credits

During this Leadership Summit You will learn and experience:

-What the latest science reveals about intention, and how we can use it to enhance our lives to live with more ease.

-Neurolinguistic programming skills to illuminate our individual innate ways of thinking, so we can use our natural strategies for making and maintaining pivotal changes in our lives and thereby how we affect the lives around us.

-Shamanic yoga tools to open your energetic field and enhance transformation.

-Why Surrender is the next wave of ‘getting things done’.

-End of the day bonus: Ecstatic Dance.  Learn why people in the consciousness revolution use this to rapidly eliminate unwanted mental and emotional blocks, which enables them to live lives of greater personal freedom.

Sacred Saturdays – Multimedia Music and Message Event
October 14, November 4 and December 2
Unity Church of Albany

Think of these talks as discussing “God 2.0”, an update to experiencing the Sacred.  We discuss not only ancient teachings and sacred texts, but the latest neuroscience about how our brains work best when we feel connected to a consciousness larger than our own.  We will discuss how to skillfully interface with this loving intelligence to feel greater ease and experience deeper meaning in daily life.   These events will be streamed live to other peaceful cities, as we gather together to strengthen our intentions for peace around the globe.

October 14 – Your Brain on Football.  Your Brain on God.
What Being a Monday Morning Quarterback Says About Our Larger Nature

November 4 – Unwavering Worthiness – Utilizing the Benefits of Being a Citizen of the Field

December 2 – One Mind – How Your Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters.


Albany Peace Project Kickoff Concert
January 1, 2018 at 1:00 PM at Unity Church of Albany

Great Music, Inspiring Speakers, and a GREAT way to start your new year learning about what the Albany Peace Project has in store for us in 2018.

APP 2018 Theme:  “BACK TO BEAUTY ‘- Learning To Endure the State of Bliss

January 1-January 15, 2018 – Albany Peace Project Meditations will be sent daily through individual email to all enrolled participants.