Interview With The World Leading Expert on Intention, Lynne McTaggart

In This Post:
– Bethany Gonyea interviews the world’s leading expert on intention, Lynne McTaggart and discusses how intangible thoughts have tangible results!
– Quick Facts about Albany Peace Project 2019
-NYS Department of Health invited Bethany Gonyea and leading GPCP researcher, Dr. Karin Reinhold to share their inspiring findings from the 2019 Schenectady Peace Project
– Why Schenectady is supporting Albany Peace Project
– Information about how you can run a peace project in your area with our support
-Learn how to participate in our Happiness research when participating in the Albany Peace Project
Author Lynne McTaggart discusses the power of intention for peace projects around the world.  Please help add to this empowering body of research by participating in the 2019 Albany Peace Project, August 3-9.  This interview was recorded last year for the Schenectady Peace Project

You will also have an opportunity to measure changes in your own happiness baseline levels while you participate.

We can’t do this historic research without people just like you committing to demonstrating for the next generation the power of the collective to generate peace.
Please register at to participate.

Register to participate in this historic research from the privacy of your own home by entering your email on our home page by clicking on this link

HI Everyone,

– In the next three weeks we will be letting people know how they can help participate in groundbreaking intentional coherence meditation research for peace during August 3-9, 2019.   The goal of the Global Peaceful Cities is to duplicate and replicate peace meditation research so that more people claim their right to vote with their heart to see more peace in this world.

The Albany Peace Project Experiment requires only 15 minutes a day during August 3-9, 2019 and can be done from the privacy of your own home to add to this body of historical research.   Let’s demonstrate how intentions of the whole can bypass old systems that have contributed to unrest.

– Great news!  During the week that we meditated last summer in Schenectady, NY there was a corresponding 25% drop in violence, only in the area where we focused!!

– I have been working for years to raise awareness for this work and to cross-pollinate cities while we hacked a process for inspiring cities to meditate.  This year, many of those intentions are being realized.  We will be meditating for peace at the government level, meditating in city hall with prominent city officials.  Also, thanks to the dedicated crew in Schenectady, NY, we are finally starting to cross-pollinate. Mary Clare, the owner of Yoga Bliss studio is taking this work to the streets in Schenectady to support Albany.  This sharing of peaceful intentions between cities has been my dream.  When we have cities cross-pollinate their peaceful intentions, our work will become exponentially more effective.  That is the only way this work will spread.  If you feel called to do the same, or if you have a business you want to co-promote while doing this work, please reach out.

– Let’s not be complacent.  Let’s make a stand for peace for our children.  Why would we leave our children’s future in the hands of others?!?!  Meditate to demonstrate the power of the collective to positively influence the whole.

– Even though you are on our global list, I have included our local event schedule so that you can get a feel for how a Peace Project is run.  Please see our schedule in this newsletter, both online or in person. After the Albany Peace Project 2019, Dr. Reinhold and I will be putting a call out for people who want to do this research in their own home town.  If you are one of those people on our list checking in with us to see how this work is progressing, please reach out to us.  We are open to collaborating with businesses.

– We hope to have preliminary results for the Albany Peace Project in October, and complete results around February.  Stay tuned!

Thank you for journeying with us.  We can’t do this work without people just like you. Let’s give the world something to talk about!

…Something empowering to talk about!


Register to participate in this historic research from the privacy of your own home by entering your email on our home page by clicking on this link
What you need to know to participate in the
Albany Peace Project

– Participation from people just like yourself is critical. We can’t do this work without people committing to meditating 15 minutes for seven days.
– Participate online at home or by attending events.
– We are asking people to meditate at 7:00 AM EST, 12:00 PM EST or 7:00 PM EST from anywhere around the globe. Intentions have a more significant measurable effect when offered in group doses.
– Meditations will be in your inbox each day at 5:00 AM EST.
– We have performed this work for years, so we have observed the benefits of participation.  People get happier!!  This year we will measure the increased happiness or our meditation volunteers.  We will be sending out a happiness survey before and after the project to measure how individuals happiness baseline has shifted.
Are You Interested in Starting Your Own Peace Project?Get your questions answered at this Online Zoom Meeting

Saturday, August 17 at 1:00 PM EST

In this discussion, we will answer questions about the details of what it takes to start a peace project in your area, and how you can partner with our research team of GPCP to have your project run smoothly with integrity and sound research protocol.

This is an especially powerful way for businesses to interface with their communities while providing an amazing service to the community and promoting goodwill.

If you want to start volunteering now, please reach out.  We could use online social media support.

For more information write:

ROOTED in PEACE will be shown at Unity Church of Albany at 6:45 PM on Saturday, August 3 as part of the Albany Peace Project Kickoff

ROOTED in PEACE documentary challenges viewers to examine their values as Americans and human beings. Today we are at war within ourselves, with our environment, and with the world. Director and award-winning filmmaker Greg Reitman invites viewers on a film journey to take notice of the world we live in, proactively seek ways to find personal and ecological peace, and stop the cycle of violence. The film relies not only on memoir, but also interviews with such luminaries and activists as Deepak Chopra, music legends Donovan, Mike Love, and Pete Seeger, film director David Lynch, Noble Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire, media mogul Ted Turner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, green architect William McDonough, neuroscientist Dan Siegel and many others. Reitman learns from all of them, and heeds Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s words, that if the forest is to be green, every tree must be green; if there’s going to be Peace on earth, then everybody needs to experience that quality of Peace within themselves. And so in asking viewers to do the same, Reitman poses the basic question: How do we want to live? Reitman’s journey is an example of transformation — how one person can learn to make the necessary changes to enjoy a better life — and in so doing inspire others to want to improve their own lives, and society as a whole.