This Sunday – and APP 2017

Intention: Connection and Examples of ValidationJ Kelly Reed
12/4 at 2:00 PM
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road,Latham NY

Living a life of intention can be baffling at first, but over the years, patterns emerge.  After working with intention for long periods of time, people develop a confidence that comes only through commitment to the discipline.

In this NUMINOUS talk we are fortunate to learn from J. Kelly Reed, who has spent a life time developing how to skillfully live on a moment to moment basis with intention.  Kelly will teach us to stand in our presence of the I AM while we face any challenge and cultivate a peace heart for those around us; as standing in our presence creates dynamic change.

Carving a homestead from a raw piece of land, living from the gifts of the earth over the years has kept me grounded, and centered. I received a certification from Cornell University for Home processing and a Certification from the Department of Agriculture; thus began a career involving Farmers Markets and Organic Baking. I became a member with the American Red Cross and held a NYS Ombudsman certification and a volunteer with Hospice. Recently I did a tour in Iraq as a civilian on military bases where I began the understanding in earnest of energies and their affect thus returning home to find exactly how healing energy works; I studied and received certifications in both Past Life Regression, BioEnergy Therapy, Medical Intuition and am an Ordained Minister.

Law of Attraction: Thinking Bigger Than Your Environment
Bethany Gonyea
12/11 at 2:00 PM
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road,Latham NY

“To Change is to think greater than you feel.” Joe Dispenza

In order for our intentions to work for us, we need to break out of our regular patterning to create something new.  The problem is that we have conditioned ourselves so much to expect the expected, which makes it incredibly difficult for us to create something new through intention.  In this talk, we will be discussing what “emotional addictions”  are and how we can use intentional meditation to bypass our daily conscious patterns to create something new.    We will talk about when we think about the same thought repeatedly, our body makes chemicals to match the thought we were just thinking, these chemicals create a “feeling.“  Over time, we get used to a limited range of feelings, and when we strive to move past those feelings, the body pulls us back into the familiar feeling set.  We will discuss how some scientists are calling the body the “subconscious mind” and that to create something new, we need to have the power of will to overcome the chemical addictions of the body.  This process is often incredibly difficult, but when we recognize the struggle for what it is (the chemical environment of the body luring us back to the familiar), we can see the struggle for the chemical addiction it actually is, and make strategic skillful strides to overcome it.

SAVE THE DATE!!!  2017 Albany Peace Project Kickoff Program Concert –

Participate in the Albany Peace Project This January and Awaken the Hero Within with the Albany Peace Project This January!

Friday Evening, December 30,
Unity Church of Albany
7:00 PM

As the testimonials say below, amazing things happen when people participate in the Albany Peace Project.   The theme of this year is “Awakening the Hero Within,” because after three years of offering APP, we have heard some powerful stories of how when we advocate for the dignity and honor of others, we enlargen ourselves.  We feel greater dignity, self respect and deep purpose with our lives.  In these times of great global turmoil, we can find a place in ourselves through these meditations, where we know we are connected to a Loving Intelligence that connects us all, and “vote with our heart” to accelerate the presence of peace on this planet.   Taking a stand in our own hearts for peace, instead of feeling victimized by media accounts, makes our head go up and our shoulders go back.  Meditation Peace research has been demonstrated, however we need your help to get the local measurable results.  We can’t just talk about peace…we must “be it”

Come join us for a catalyzing uplifting evening on Friday Evening December 30 with exhilarating group of musicians,  singers and and also inspiring speakers!!!   The program concert will help you to start 2017 off right and set you on a trajectory to make 2017 your best year yet!

After participating int the Albany Peace Projet for two years, it is still hard to describe what participaing in the Albany Peace Project does…but it just changes you…for the better.

I asked my husband to join me meditating Jan 1 as part of the Peace Project, not something he would choose to do.  We selected 5:00 pm as our time. Yesterday at 4:50, he asked if we were going to be meditating. Thank you for creating this project. Peace starts at home. It has descended here!

I was very moved by today’s meditation, and I’m very moved by your work.  Thank you.

 First, your guided meditations this year are beyond wonderful.  I am loving them all.  

You’ve got some interesting people you’ve interviewed. 

Great interview & meditation today. Thanks

 Wow! I LOVE your guided meditation. You are so sweet and gentle.  Having us envision Albany residents in scenarios is brilliant! You are a gem; APP is fortunate to have you on the team. 

Albany Peace Project – January 1-15

From January 1-15 we will be sending daily meditation inspiring peace in Albany with daily interviews of inspiring thought leaders.  Please participate, and encourage your friends to participate as well.

The Art of Feminine Presence
Jill Boyd
1/8/17 at 2;00
Spirit Tree Connections
987 New Loudon Road,Latham NY

If you are a woman who has been on a personal and spiritual growth path for quite some time and wanting to stop pushing to make things happen, come and experience an informational session and demonstration on the Art of Feminine Presence. It is a series of unique and tangible practices that increases a woman’s presence, feminine energy and vocal power so she can be heard, be seen and inspire change. These are practical tools that create massive results. You will see the change in yourself and other women immediately. It is undeniable. It is not where we intellectually discuss whether the feminine needs to be more present in our society. We already know that. It is not that we dance on a beach with hip scarves in the hope it will change our lives. We can do that on our own. Imagine walking into any room or any situation with a magnetic presence and attract the attention you want in your career and in your relationships. Your life will be transformed.

Jill Boyd is a certified teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence. She is an iconic image stylist. She is licensed in New York as a registered nurse and aesthetician. She received a masters degree from Long Island University in Community Mental Health Counseling. She graduated from Austin’s School of Spa Technology and afterwards received training from the Stoltz Image Institute in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; Gabriel Productions in Miami, Florida; The Universal Style System in San Moreno, California; and the Conselle Institute of Image Management in Provo, Utah.

$25 Donation Appreciated

SAVE THE DATE:  Coherence For A Cause!  February 4, 6:00 – 10:00 PM in Albany

Friends! In celebration of four successful years of the Albany Peace Project, on February 4th, 2017, we invite you to “Coherence for a Cause: A Midwinter’s Night Benefit,” from 6:00pm – 10:00pm at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany.

With inspiring leaders, including Keynote Speaker Albany Chief of Police Brendan Cox,  Silent Auction, and Special Concert Performance by Albany’s own “School of Rock,” this will be an interactive festivity highlighting some of the Albany Peace Project’s largest attempts at reducing violence in the Capital Region by creating a much safer, more mindful, and more peaceful community through mind-body coherence practices.
Please join us for hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and special presenters such Albany Peace project founder, Bethany Gonyea and Dr. Karin Reinhold of the University at Albany, for six special showcases detailing the heart-mind  evidence based high impact solutions for reducing violence.

Please, R.S.V.P. by January 30th, 2017 by contacting Derek Healey at /917-259-2866. Early-bird Tickets are $45, and $60 at the door.  Please ask us about our special 3-Level Member sponsorships.

Meditators Needed for a Meditation Flashmob in Albany on a Weekday.
 Please contact Derek Healey if interested:  healey.derek (AT)