The Inspiration For The Research

Summary of the Albany Peace Project


 Do you ever want to make a difference in the world,
but feel too tired and overwhelmed? 

Do you ever watch the news and feel discouraged that you can’t change it?

Do you often feel stressed and trapped with life’s challenges?

Then learn how to overcome all these challenges by participating in the third annual Albany Peace Project!  The Albany Peace Project is a 10 year research study designed to determine if an organized group of trained meditators creating a peaceful “coherent state” in their bodies and then focusing these peaceful intentions outwardly can measurably reduce local violence.  Our hypothesis is that focused peaceful intention has a real world impact, and dozens of other research studies suggest it as well.  We are gathering data to determine if this approach can positively impact the city of Albany, NY.

Not only does achieving a coherent state dramatically enhance the lives of individuals, but it has remarkable applications for the workplace.  As individuals achieve a coherent state, they are much more likely to work better in groups.

The Albany Peace Project (APP) team is currently working toward gathering 2,500 participants to meditate/pray/focus to achieve coherence together for 15 minutes a day for the month of January 2016 while sending peaceful intentions to the City of Albany.  Simultaneously, research will be conducted to record any favorable changes in the Albany, NY crime rates.

Research Protocol

Albany Peace Project team, lead by founder, Bethany Gonyea, MS and State University of Albany Mathematics professor, Karin Reinhold, PhD,  are drawing inspiration for their research protocol from the Maharishi University and from the impressive research team of Lynn Mctaggert, author of  The Intention Experiment.   To  date, dozens of studies have been performed, many published in peer reviewed journals, that suggests when a relatively small amount of people meditate there appears to be a corresponding calming of the entire population.  (See a brief summary is listed below)

For the past two years, we have been fortunate to be collaborating with the Institute of HeartMath which has graciously approved use of their evidence-based Heart Lock-In Technique.®   This state of the art mind-body tool leads the body-mind into a state known as Coherence, which facilitates synchronization between the heart and brain.  Coherence is a “sweet spot” in your nervous system, and Institute of Heartmath’s emWave instrument provides reliable feedback to individuals to help them achieve and sustain a coherent state.   The coherent pattern is characterized by its regular, sine-wave-like waveform, as contrasted to the irregular, jagged wave form of frustration.

HR Changing

When this state of coherence is maintained, it allows individuals to distinguish between the voice in the head, often the critical voice, and the one in the heart, where positive feelings of love, caring, and appreciation originate.  Learning how to “think” from the heart quickly transforms individuals in ways they may never have dreamed possible. Learn the steps of the Heart Lock-In technique in the powerful book The HeartMath Solution, by Doc Childre and Howard Martin or purchase an emWave device to be sure you are in coherence by clicking here

How The Albany Peace Project Will Add To This Inspiring Research…

The Albany Peace Project is a landmark historic effort.  It is the first time that a city has organized from grass roots to invite people of all different  religion, political and socioeconomic backgrounds to come together and simply contemplate and intend the common goal of peace.

Not just talk about peace…but become peace.

The Albany Peace Project has been created with the acknowledgement that not all faiths or political parties can agree on doctrine or political strategies,  but they can certainly agree to employ focused healing intentions to reduce human suffering.

Political pundits can talk about peace, but how well are they actually doing?   As hard as governing officials may work for the peace, they still need our support to help change the hearts and minds of people.  Because until we shift as individuals, we will not shift as a whole.   Establishing peace is work that needs to be done “by the people for the people,” which means we need participation from caring citizens such as yourself to do this incredibly empowering and promising research.  

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.  Albert Einstein

  Research demonstrates that when people become coherent, they become more empathetic, which enables them to more easily make wise and compassionate choices not only for themselves, but for the people around them.

We need to become the peace before we can beckon peace.    How  else will peace be accomplished unless we ourselves become peaceful, and from that peaceful state allow a greater compassionate wisdom to emerge?

Can this actually work? There is a growing amount of evidence to suggest it will and time is of the essence.  Have you seen the news lately?   Your participation is incredibly important both for ourselves and the next generation.  How grateful our children will be when we leave them this research?   This project will literally “make history” by empowering people to realize that how we focus our intentions influences what we experience.

But, We can’t do this research without your help.  

Research suggests there is a “dosage effect”…which means we need a large enough “dose” of people participating before we will see a corresponding calming result.  What is that percentage?  We are not sure, we think at least 1%, but only time will tell.  That is why this is a 10 year research study.  We need to teach and train many many people.

Please tell your friends and family about taking advantage of this unique opportunity.  If you think of any other tools we can offer, please send your suggestions to, and LIKE AlbanyPeaceProject on Facebook and let us know you are there.

Help us encourage 2500 participants to take charge of their own health, by teaching people how to lead their own nervous system into states of much greater health and well-being, while simultaneously reducing the suffering of complete strangers…it is a Win-Win!

Thank you for your interest and support!

The Albany Peace Project Team

Sampling of Studies Suggesting that Collective Meditation Corresponds With a Calming Effect On The Entire Population

One Example: Transcendental Meditation Research Organization

Washington D.C.:    June 7th – July 30th in 1993

For two months during the summer of 1993, up to 4000 people meditated twice a day.     The maximum decrease in violent crime was 23.3% and it occurred when the the meditation group size was largest during the final week of the project.

As the number of meditators increased throughout the 8 weeks, violent crimes decreased


Source: Social Indicators Research, 47(2): 153-201

More Examples: Similar studies document a correlation between when a small percentage of people meditating lowered violence on the entire geographical population.  They have been published in the following prestigious journals:

Journal of Conflict Resolution, 34, 756-768 (1990);   32(4), 776-812 (1988)

Journal of Mind and Behavior, 9(4), 457-486 (1988);   8,(1), 67-104 (1987)

Psychological Reports, 76, 1171-1193(1995)

Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 36 (1-4), 283-302 (2003)

Psychology Crime and Law 2(3), 165-174 (1996)

Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 17(1): 285-338 (2005)

Journal of Crime and Justice, 4 25-45 (1981)

Social Indicators Research, 47,153-201. (1999);  22, 399-418 (1990).

Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science 95(1),1 (1988)

9/11 Peace Experiment on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

  • Participants from 75 countries, from Iceland to Brazil, from California to Indonesia, and also every Arab country on the planet sent peaceful intentions to reduce violence in Afghanistan
  • From 9/11/11 to 9/18/11 participants all over the globe spend 15 minutes sent positive intentions, specifically to the southwest corner of Afghanistan, Helmand and Kandahar

Results Recorded: Decrease In Civilian Casualties In Afganistan

2011 Month

#Civilians Killed

% Drop In Deaths Compared to Prior Month 

% Drop in Deaths Compared to Average Death Rate for 28 Months Prior






22% fewer deaths

10% fewer deaths



14% fewer deaths

23% fewer deaths



30% fewer deaths

26% fewer deaths

Decrease In Attacks By The Taliban In The Specific Areas In Afghanistan that were chosen to receive Peaceful Intentions (Helmand and Kandahar)

Month                             % Decrease In Attacks Compared To The Same Month in 2010

September                    790% Decrease in Attacks

October                         500% Decrease in Attacks

November                    400% Decrease In Attacks

The NATO led security mission in Afganistan that was formed in 2001, The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) reported this time as the “longest sustained downward trend in enemy-initiated attacks recorded by ISAF” (since 2001).  Source: UN and NATO Reports

For Further Reference: