Take Intentional Action for Peace

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

― Albert Einstein


The state of our world will only shift when common people who understand the power of intention take responsibility for lifting their consciousness.


Until then, we are leaving an enormous amount of “money on the table” regarding positive change.


Do you think what we are doing is working for us and our children?  

Yeah, we don’t either. 


How can you accelerate progress and make your efforts measurably count?  So many ways!


Join our classes and groups to learn how you can buoy yourself into different states of consciousness while simultaneously supporting peace meditation research.   Our bodies are designed for a win-win here!  Learn more by getting involved.  

Donate now toward the next event or offer monthly giving to support this critical research for the future of our children.

We always need volunteers. Especially if you have tech or social organizing skills (both online and in person) .

We ALWAYS need meditators for the next event. It is vitally important we reach a certain threshold of meditators to obtain statistical significance for our research.

Do you have experience leading meditations? Become a meditation leader and learn our method of meditating for our research studies.


Indicate your level of  interest below.

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