Start A Peace Project

The Resonant Peaceful Cities Project is a rapidly expanding community of passionate individuals coming together to spread peace thru ordinary citizens just like you organizing city initiatives around intentional peace research!

Together, we are changing the world, one breath at a time!!  Our project has proven strategies and the framework to launch, encourage and support the successful birth of a new Peaceful Cities Community and research project in your city or town.  And we are looking for people like you who feel called to help launch in your area!

We do the tough part!

The GPCP team will be responsible for the more daunting technical aspects, such as IT support, database management. The GPCP team will also offer you Intentional Coherence Meditation Leader Training that will empower you and your team members with a uniquely crafted comprehensive protocol designed around evidence based research.

You will also receive mentorship from our seasoned support members, so you will be fully equipped to embark on this exciting journey with thousands of other concerned citizens across the globe!   We offer you incredible tools to begin this powerful groundswell in your local area, so you’ll never feel that you’re alone.  It really is amazing how fast it grows and how contagious the energy is!  This work actually teaches people how to “Vote With Their Hearts”, to both “Be and see the change” for which this world is so desperately longing!

You get the fun part!

All you have to do is enjoy the best parts of the work, like gathering like minded open hearted fun loving souls, who are looking for opportunities to not only be part of a peaceful community but to help it to spread, thru organizing events and raising awareness, to share the enthusiasm.

Come Grow With Us While Having Fun Changing the World!

Sign up for communications for Peaceful Cities and indicate you are interested in starting your own peace project in your city below by checking the checkbox:

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