Richard “Pancake” Williams’ Vision for Peace in Albany, NY


Hello Again,

In this interview with SNUG 518 Outreach worker, Richard “Pancake” Williams, we immediately become humbled.

People qualify to become a SNUG 518 Outreach worker by coming from the streets themselves, entering the Department of Justice system, and eventually making different choices. Because of their history with the law, they are called “credible messengers.” Kids on the street know that SNUG 518 workers have been in dark, dangerous places very similar to where they may be now.

Pancake helps us to see violence from a broader perspective. He helps us see what he sees. Shooters are often young people who have received so little direction in their lives that they consider guns to be the only option to meet their needs.

After listening to Pancake, we realize that violence is a far more complex problem than is portrayed on the news.

Yes, we need more effective programs, and probably at least 30 more SNUG 518 staff to be effective. However, Pancake explains that the real problem is often not so much a lack of resources but a lack of love.  Sincere love offers authentic inspiration to live from a higher place within ourselves, as SNUG 518 workers have chosen.

What if the journeys of SNUG 518 workers’ are the same spiritual redemptive journey we are all on?

What if we undergo hardships to uncover the highest and best within us as well?

What if the purpose of this world is not to live well and large (although that is fine too), but to awaken to our larger nature, which is often best served through hardship instead of indulgence?

This is an opportunity all of us…not just for the inner city.

This loving intelligence, when invoked, inspires the highest and best within each of us whether we live in a cul de sac, or the hood.

What if we invoked the loving intelligence that connects us all to help us manage the multitude of issues that only an Infinite Intelligence can integrate among diverse groups of people

Thank you for musing with me.

I have seen the power of this work in very dark times, which is why I am relentless about continuing.

I understand why people can struggle with these concepts, but we will never know until we utilize them consistently and systematically.

My goal is to do at least 8 more studies. But we can’t do it without you. Thank you for walking with us on this journey.

Please forward this opportunity to reach the highest and best within us to as many people as possible:

In Love and Light,

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How A Peace Project Works:

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2- You will receive daily meditations inspired by SNUG 518 workers’ visions for peace in Albany NY via email during August 15-22, 2020. Please click on the link to do the meditation.

3- Each meditation utilizes evidence-based mind-body skills to enhance clarity, improve optimal functioning, enhance decision making, and dramatically lift your mood while simultaneously working toward measurable reducing violence in Albany, NY.

4. In the meditations for this year, you will also have the opportunity to send intentions to enhance peace and positivity to your own life. Meditations can be done by individuals or groups

5. Changes in Social Indicators will be measured (accidents, arrests, etc) by Dr. Karin Reinhold, Ph.D., Professor of Math and Statistics at SUNY Albany. You will be notified of our results.

External Peace Begins Inside Hearts…

which is why we start there.

External Peace literally starts within internally coherent nervous systems.

Trying to inspire peace anywhere else than in individual human hearts is a long way around. Participate in meditations for the Albany Peace Project and learn how to move your nervous system into satisfying coherence.
You may have never known you can feel that good!
For more information, write Info@PeacefulCities.Org Sincere thanks for your participation by Dr. Karin Reinhold, Ph.D., Researcher, SNUG 518, Bethany Gonyea, Resonant Peaceful Cities Project Founder, and the Albany Peace Project team. SIGN UP NOW at