Body Parts-Space Version 2 (1-CD)


Body Parts-Space Version 2 (1-CD)


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Rewire your mental and emotional circuitry as you are lead through a guided meditation that will sustain change from the inside out!

Body Parts-Space Version 2 is a meditation for you to maintain and continue your growth after Dr. Joe’s 4 week program. This meditation plays straight through and does not have the bells nor length like the original book companion version Body Parts – Space, and may also be used as an alternate to the book companion mediation.

At the beginning of these guided meditations, Dr. Joe uses very specific convergent and divergent focus techniques so that you will begin to produce very organized, integrated, brain-wave patterns. A convergent technique is when you focus on a body part, and a divergent technique is when you focus on the space around your body. By following his instructions, your brain-waves will begin to move from Beta to Alpha and start to become coherent. And when your brain becomes coherent, you become coherent. Then Dr. Joe sill guide you through the steps to move beyond your analytical mind and enter into your subconscious mind to create a happy, healthy, abundant life, and turn your dreams into reality!

For further instructional use, please refer to Chapters 9 through 13 of your book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.”


01-Body Parts – Space Version 2

Music by: Todd Norian Song: Celestial Abode, Album: Bija

Time: 49 minutes

Do not listen to any meditation audio recordings while driving or operating machinery.

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