Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation (1-CD)


Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation (1-CD)


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During this guided meditation, you’ll begin to activate your autonomic nervous system so that your energy centers of your body are more in balance and the energy field around your body is balanced as well.

Dr. Joe will be asking you to rest your awareness in each of the body’s 1st – 7th centers and then the space above your head and the field around your body. When he asks you to put your attention on each of the centers, don’t try to create anything, just become aware of that center. Then, Dr. Joe will guide you with instructions during your state of coherence, to create your transformation.

“Your job is to raise the frequency of matter with new information. And we know from all of the research that’s available, along with the experience in our workshops, that if you combined a clear intention with an elevated emotion you will begin to affect matter.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

CD Track Titles:

1. Introduction and Explanation (31 min.)
2. Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation (42 min.)

Time: 73 Minutes

Music by Anugama – Open Sky Music, LLC, – Song: Chakra Journey Album: Shamanic Dream

Do not listen to any meditation audio recordings while driving or operating machinery.

This product is also available in Download format.

Please note: Blessing of the Energy Centers II Meditations are only available for purchase after attending a Progressive Workshop.


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