Prayer Research Interfaith Video Announcement

Albany Peace Project Interfaith Study Summary
– One Week:  July 24-31, 2016
– Requesting people of faith to send peaceful prayerful intentions to the city of Albany during the week of July 24-31, 2016, when the height of crime is at it’s peak.
–  State University of Albany Mathematics professor, Karin Reinhold, PhD, will analyze the crime data and compare it to the last 5 years to determine if our prayer intentions have made an impact.
– Individuals can participate from home by entering their name in the box that will be here soon to have the emails sent to them each day during the last week in July.
– Our estimate suggests we need 2500 people to participate to have a measurable impact.
– Please send this link to ANYONE you know would be willing to participate.  We have a very limited time to gather prayer meditators.

Emails for that week will include brief interviews with faith based leaders doing great work in the Capital District to promote peace, and an evidence based biofeedback skill, the Heart Lock-in ®, established by the Institute of Heartmath( and demonstrated to help facilitate prayerful intentions.


Do you ever want to make a difference in the world,
but feel too tired and overwhelmed? 

Do you ever watch the news and feel discouraged that you can’t influence it?

Have you experienced the power of prayer in your life?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then NUMINOUS, the sponsor of the Albany Peace Project is inviting you to participate in the first annual Albany Peace Project Interfaith Prayer Research study.

The Institute of Heartmath, an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience has documented that prayerful intentions are more effective when petitioners learn how to move their hearts into a measurable place in the nervous system known as coherence.

People become coherent by focusing in their heart and reaching for elevated emotions such as appreciation, care and love.  You can learn how to become coherent for free by participating in this groundbreaking research study.

The Albany Peace Project (APP) team is currently working toward gathering 2,500 participants to perform prayer meditations to achieve coherence together while sending peaceful intentions to the city of Albany for 15 minutes a day for the week of July 24-31 2016, when the crime rate is the highest of the year.  Dr. Karin Reinhold, Professor of Mathematics at the State University of Albany will review the crime data for the week, and compare it with the data five years prior to determine if our invitations for peace have made in impact.

To participate in this study, go to and enter your name in the Blue box to receive updates and notifications as we get closer to the dates.  During the week of the research study, You will receive 15 minute coherence prayer meditations daily to your email inbox each day.     After achieving coherence, meditative silence is offered to leave space for individuals to remain coherent while practicing their own faith.

For more information about heart coherence, please visit and and learn how becoming coherent helps us in all aspects of life including, academics, relationships, work and health.

Research suggests that when more people participate, there is a greater corresponding measurable result, so please help spread the word to your friends and family.  We simply can’t do this without your help.

The research also shows that as we learn to become more coherent within ourselves, we become significantly happier, so expect to start August 2016 feeling more joyful!!

The Albany Peace Project has been created with the acknowledgement that not all faiths can agree on doctrine, but can agree to employ focused healing intentions to reduce human suffering. For More Information, please visit:

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:23