Be a part of an historic opportunity to “vote with your heart” and have it count!!!

Join thousands who will envision local peace for 15 minutes each day in January. SUNY Professor Karin Reinhold will review Albany crime statistics to determine if our peaceful intentions made a real local impact.

  • Enter your name and email in the box to the right to start participating from home!
  • You will receive video updates regarding the progress of the study, meeting opportunities, and free meditations and interviews with local leaders in the greater Albany area each day in January.
  • Meditations are designed to lead your body into a defined state of peace and clarity referred to as Coherence.  No matter how difficult your life is, you can always move into a peaceful coherent state and the Albany Peace Project will show you how!
  • Watch how your life transforms during the month of January as you enjoy greater personal peace and also satisfaction for being part of the solution to help others.
  • Prior research suggests that more people involved is correlated with greater impact.
  • If you feel passionate about this research please encourage your friends and family to participate.!