More Volunteers & $300 needed for Complaint-Free Campaign

Thank you to everyone who has shown enthusiasm, donated or attended an APP planning meeting.
There is much to ground to cover and we need more help distributing bracelets.

Therefore, we will be doing weekly Wednesday meetings at Unity Church starting August 12 at 6:45 PM.  Please come out.

If you have been considering donating but have not gotten around to doing so, please donate ASAP, so we can order the bracelets.  We only need $300 more!  Thank you.

Please click on the word Donate in the menu above.  

Also, if you want bracelets for your home, family organization, please use the contact form below to send us a note.

We will also be sponsoring several events this fall to encourage the Albany Peace Project community to come together, not just online .  We look forward to people at those events.

Thank you everyone!