Day 7 – 16 Year Old’s Perspective on Violence in Albany

 Today we hear from a 16-year-old who tells us what it is like to be a kid in Albany.We can hear the discouragement and anxiety in his voice as he shares how he worries about the safety of his siblings and himself.
In the same video, SNUG outreach worker, Anquan Mclean, mentions how, when kids live in this much fear, it is impossible to focus on school, which is true.
When we are in the stress response or the fight or flight response of the nervous system, we cannot do anything other than worry about safety. It takes great skill to be able to turn off this stress response to focus on learning opportunities.
Taking command of our nervous system in challenging situations is extremely difficult, but if there were one way to do it, it would be through cultivating meditation skills. Meditation teaches us to take command of our mind and nervous system to redirect our focus to healthy choices. By taking control of our attention, we feel less victimized and more empowered.
Every human being needs this basic owner manual to their nervous system if we are going to move toward a healthier society.