Day 2 – Interfaith Project – Derek Healey

Today’s interview is with Derek Healey, who is on the board of the Interfaith Alliance of NYS.  Derek discusses how, when we work through interfaith efforts, it does not mean that we have to blend our faith identities.  Instead, we remain true to our own faith, but we go to the “heart” of it, and find commonalities with other’s orientations.
Derek also discusses how he attended a conference of the United Nations subcommittee of Interfaith Harmony that revealed how governments are unable to do enough to facilitate real peace and how sustainable change can only happen through grassroots efforts.  The UN is asking and urging community members to get involved. And not just leaders – they are requesting that everyday people of faith raise themselves to a level of leadership, and practice their worldview of service in their actions.  Derek speaks to that in this interview.

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