Day 2 8.16.20 – Shawn Floss, SNUG 518 Outreach Worker

Day 2 –  August 16 – Albany, NY 2020 Peace Project

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Meet Shawn Floss SNUG 518 Outreach Worker.

I was so impressed when I interviewed Shawn.  His mind was lucid, his speech direct and his answers quick.  When I asked him questions like ‘How do you see a peaceful Albany?” and “Why have you had such staying power in a job that has rapid turnover?  and “How do you maintain your resilience under the exorbitantly high-stress levels.

Shawn is a man on a mission, who never forgets where he came from and where he never wants to return.  He is committed to encouraging kids to make different choices than he did.

Please see the brief video in this link to hear Shawn’s crystal clear vision for returning Albany back to the town that he felt safe in as a young child.

Regarding the Meditation: 

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Listen to Shawn share his passion.  He tells us how much his life has changed, and why he is so dedicated to his SNUG 518 work, even with the challenges.   He talks about how this job has offers him a lot more opportunity than when he was on the streets.