Day 1 – Interfaith Project – Bethany Gonyea

Welcome to the first day of our first annual week long interfaith prayer research project!!
Please see details below.

In this first interview, Kirk Harbinger and I discuss how the Albany Peace Interfaith Prayer Project will be implemented, and how important it is for us to maintain the focus of our minds in our hearts while in prayer.  To help facilitate this process, we will be utilizing an evidence based tool known as the Heart Lock-In® established by the Institute of Heartmath.   After performing a  Heart Lock-In® we are less likely to fall into the “negativity bias” hard wired in our nervous system that would weaken our positive intentions for peace.  For more information visit: and

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Albany Peace Project Interfaith Study Summary
– One Week:  July 24-31, 2016
– Requesting people of faith to send peaceful prayerful intentions to the city of Albany during the week of July 24-31, 2016, when the height of crime is at it’s peak.
–  State University of Albany Mathematics professor, Karin Reinhold, PhD, will analyze the crime data and compare it to the last 5 years to determine if our prayer intentions have made an impact.
– Individuals can participate from home by entering their name in the box that will be here soon to have the emails sent to them each day during the last week in July.
– Our estimate suggests we need 2500 people to participate to have a measurable impact.
– Please send this link to ANYONE you know would be willing to participate.  We have a very limited time to gather prayer meditators.

Emails for that week will include brief interviews with faith based leaders doing great work in the Capital District to promote peace, and an evidence based biofeedback skill, the Heart Lock-in®, established by the Institute of Heartmath ( and demonstrated to help facilitate prayerful intentions.

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