9.11.22 Rev. Valerie Mansfield, Unity of East Louisville

Thank you for meditating with us today! We can’t do this research without you!

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PLEASE NOTE; IF YOU ARE MEDITATING WITH MORE THEN ONE PERSON, please email the number of people meditating office@unityofeastlouisville.org with the number of meditators. Otherwise, we will count your participation when you click the link above this text

This is a double-blind study, so you will not know which district you are intending for. It will be referred to in all the mediations as the “focus area.”

If you have a hard time meditating for an unknown area, please take a moment and observe this symbol as it was coded through the intention to represent the Metro Council district focus area. (similar to the representation of a cross or flag symbols).

This beautiful intricate symbol was generously lent to the project by the Drepung Gomang Center for Engaging Compassion. It was created by monks with the intention of increasing the peace in Louisville.

Your Meditation leader:

Rev. Valerie Mansfield

Reverend Valerie Mansfield is an Ordained Unity Minister, Spiritual Director, and a Holistic Healer.  Valerie currently serves as the Minister at Unity of East Louisville, Inc., and the Treasurer of Unity Worldwide Ministry. Valerie empowers individuals and families in creating harmonious, joy filled conscious living. Her mission in life is to create a harmonious, loving, conscious experience, daily.  

Reverend Valerie Mansfield is a lifelong Unity Truth Student. Her mission in life is to create a harmonious, loving, conscious experience, daily. Valerie lives with her husband Bruce of over 40 years and their dog Daisy Mae. She loves spending time with her children and grandchildren. 

Musical Artist:

Harry Pickens is an award-winning musician, educator, author, composer, contemplative performing artist, and meditation guide who helps people awaken to their true nature as Love. He is a recipient of the Kentucky Governor’s Award in The Arts and is featured in an Emmy-nominated Kentucky Educational Television documentary, Harry Pickens And The Garden Of Music. Harry is currently engaged in research exploring applications of music and sound to support emotional healing and spiritual transformation.

Do you have questions about the project? In this brief video, Bethany Gonyea, founding director of NUMINIOUS, the organization sponsoring the project answers your questions and explains why you are the critical ingredient to yielding insightful research studies.

Would you like to learn more about the inspiration for this meditation research protocol and how it relates to how you can can train your nervous system to feel more fabulous each day? Chapter 6 ties it all together! Become A Consciousness Athlete!