8.8.19 Day 6 Meditation: Kathy Sheridan, Certified Neurochange Consultant®

Today’s Meditation Leader:

Kathy Sheridan is a Certified Neurochange Consultant® trained by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  Kathy heard of the Albany Peace Project after Bethany Gonyea did a webinar with Dr. Joe Dispenza in 2016.  Kathy was thrilled to find that our community was implementing similar skills.  Kathy always brings her infectious warmth and gentle smiles to all Peace Project meetings.  We are grateful to have her!


Peace Project Events in Albany on Wednesday, August 7

Only 2 More days!  Please bring your best consistent “beginners mind” effort to this work.

7am– Meditation at Yoga Loft, 540 Delaware Ave, Albany

12:00pmMeditation at Howe Library, 105 Schuyler St, Albany, NY

6:15pm– Outdoor Yoga at Lincoln Park, 228 Eagle Street, Albany followed by meditation

7:00pm– Meditation for peace in Lincoln Park, 228 Eagle Street, Albany

Call with questions: 518-424-0406

Please consider listening to the 15-minute meditation in the Soundcloud link found below. The GPCP intentional coherence meditation is a 15-minute protocol that utilizes the latest findings of intentional research.It also restores people to feel who they really are, a significant vessel of a greater whole.Please consider donating a monthly pledge to the peace projects to continue PeacefulCities.org/donateThese peace meditation experiments are critically important for our “peace threatened world” and have global implications. This work needs to be done by the people for the people to demonstrate the phenomenon that when a relatively few people meditate for peace in an area, there is a corresponding reduction of violence. Let's stop waiting for governments to fix things. Please participate with us from the privacy of your own home anywhere on the globe. The more meditators, the better. https://soundcloud.com/numinous-4/bethany-gonyea-app-2019

Posted by Bethany Gonyea on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

In this video, Bethany Gonyea describes the components of the 15- minute GPCP protocol and the personal benefits we all receive in participating.  She discusses why the phenomenon of group intention brings out the honor and dignity within all of us and lifts us out of depression. She also invites us to become “Intentional Coherence Athletes ” in Fall of 2019 to keep training our nervous systems to maintain the burgeoning expansion we have begun this week in the Peace Project to ensure we continue to increase our happiness levels.