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Saturday 25th of August 2018 07:00:00 AM

8.25.18 Lynne McTaggart – Author, Power of 8 – Part 2

We often make efforts to grow and expand our outreach and be as inclusive as possible, and we have often discussed that Millennials are a group that we would like to engage more.   This year a beautiful young woman, Florencia Tabarez  found her way to us and asked “Where is your Instagram page?”  Of course, we older folks had to tell her we didn’t have one…yet…and that she was welcome to start one….so she did!  35% of adult Millennials (Americans born between 1981 and 1996) are religiously unaffiliated, and often referred to as “Nones”   That does not mean their atheists, in fact 42% of them pray daily and 67% of the believe in life after death.  Flo’s spirituality graces everything she does and if Flo and her boyfriend are a representation of the heart of the next generation, we are in great hands!

This Meditation Starts at :

Saturday 25th of August 2018 07:00:00 AM

In this interview, NY Times Best Selling author, Lynne McTaggart and I discuss research that documents how our minds have impact outside of our bodies, and Lynne cites one of my favorite studies, the “Love” study.  In the Love study, couples are separated in isolated rooms and wired to biofeedback instruments that objectively measure changes in their physiology when one partner sends loving intentions to the other!  That study objectively demonstrates that the loving intentions we send in the peace projects actually do “travel.”  Lynne also talks about her great forum to find  “Power of 8” groups that utilize the skill she outlines in her latest book, “The Power of 8” at Lynne has a lot of really great resources there, so you will want to check that out for sure!

We also covered another important topic that is very near and dear to my heart which is when people give up trying to use intention to enhance their lives because they feel it “failed” or it “didn’t work”.  Often, when I hear that someone tried to use intention but “gave up” due to a disappointment, my heart sinks for them.  As I said in the interview, I feel that giving up on intention is akin to letting go of “gold.”  Please always remember that intention is truly a skill, which is why we need to train like athletes to do it!!  Just like athletes improve playing their sports over time, or musicians become better performers after practicing their instrument for years, we, too, need to train like athletes for our bodies and minds to sustain the heightened states of consciousness that help facilitate more enjoyable manifestations.  We must have a disciplined mind in many skilled ways.  Learning mental discipline is key to reliable and repeatable intentional success.  We discuss many of these topics a lot in our Intentional Coherence Athlete course that will be starting Thursday September 27, 2018.  I will be doing a Facebook Live introduction to the course Intentional Coherence Athlete course work on Saturday Evening on September 15 at 6:00 EST.  Please like us on Facebook at Global Peaceful Cities to hear updates.

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