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Friday 24th of August 2018 07:00:00 AM

8.24.18 Karin Reinhold, PhD – Lead Researcher for Global Peaceful Cities Project

It has been a delightful pleasure to work with Dr. Reinhold for the past several years.  As a professor of mathematics and statistics, she is aptly suited for this work.  Karin often quips that she is deeply committed to this work because it combines her two passionates Heart and Math…which is why she loves that we collaborate with the Institute of Heartmath.   Karin is a woman of many facets, including courageously exploring her own heart, acquiring the subtle nuances of Tango from her native country Argentina, and caring deeply that her university students obtain the mathematical understandings they need for success in their endeavors.

This Meditation Starts at :

Friday 24th of August 2018 07:00:00 AM

I have found that the more I live my mission, the more solutions appear before the problems.  Years ago, I started this project with Dr. John Foldy, PhD.  We had worked behind the scenes setting up our first peace project for a couple years.   Right before we launched he was diagnosed with cancer and unfortunately passed quickly and unexpectedly.  I never expected him to really pass, so I never worried about the future of the project.  Not for a second.  Simultaneously, people around town kept telling me about this math professor who liked the work of the Institute of Heartmath.  Eventually,  I reached out to Karin…and we have been having fun on this journey together ever since.  I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Foldy for his contribution to begin this project, and also, I have had so much fun taking this journey with Karin during the recent years.  She is a wise woman with a beautiful heart that shines through in all her endeavors.  She is looking forward to analyzing some data.  Let’s be sure we give her some good participation numbers!

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