6.25 – Day 8 – Thank You & Caring For Our Hearts During These Difficult Times

On behalf of the Peace Project team, thank you for opening your heart to send peaceful intentions to the Twin Cities and beyond.

As I feel my heart trying to become burdened with current events, I find myself thankful to have skills to lead my nervous system into lighter detached states. This life can be brutal…have you noticed? These uplifted states enable me to feel refreshed as I tackle the endless challenges at hand. In these moments, I find myself rededicating my life to sharing these powerful traditional and subtle energy biofeedback skills with as many people as possible.

I have this recurrent dream which goes like this…when every child is born, an angel hovers them and says…

Hey, Beautiful, I thought you might like to know you were born with a body that has a nervous system. Facing the inevitable struggles of this life will be extremely challenging if you don’t learn how to toggle your nervous system into well-being. This lack of skill may seriously thwart your progress through depression, endless rumination, or substance abuse. But if you do learn how to come into command of your nervous system, and lead it into heightened states of consciousness, you will ride through life’s endless difficulties with consistent ease and grace. At times, you may even become captivated by wonder and awe along the way.”

Unfortunately, most of us have not been given the basic owner’s manual to the basic functioning of our nervous system, which is why we struggle more than necessary. We are all far more powerful than we have been taught. Many of us just need some fundamental biofeedback skills to help us ride the tides of life a little easier. I strive to offer these basics through the peace projects sponsored by the Resonant Peaceful Cities Project. We have some innovative programs and training scheduled in the near future. I will try to share what I can.

FINAL NOTE: If you took the Healing and Happiness Challenge before June 19, please be sure to complete the closing survey after you meditate on June 26 by clicking here. 

We have decided to keep the conversation going. I will be in touch with more opportunities to serve in this manner while gaining more intentional skills for your own life.  I will try to share with you what I can.

Wishing blessings and peace,