6.24 – Day 6 – Do You Know of an Organization That Wants To Receive Intentions?

Have you tried living by intention but feel that it did not work for you? Do you feel that you manifested the opposite of what you wanted?

It is common when people first start living by intention to have some mishaps because most people are not trained in the subtle art and science of this work. People try to create from the surface of the mind, which is fickle and flimsy. For intentions to manifest they need to be generated from a deep state of being made possible through lower brainwave frequencies. At the Resonant Peaceful Cities Project, we have a The Intentional Coherence Athlete Program (ICAP) that not only teaches people how to use intention, but how to hold the buoyant states of consciousness required to manifest in the positive. https://www.peacefulcities.org/cohere…

Would your organization be interested in receiving intentions and sharing data to determine efficacy? Please reach out: Info@www.peacefulcities.org.