1.9.16 Meditation; Ray Crist, Founder of Jaguar Path Yoga School

Candace Pert PhD, an American neuroscientist and pharmacologist who discovered the opiate receptor, the cellular binding site for endorphins in the brain, writes in her book Molecules of Emotion, that our emotions influence everything we do….even where we point our eyes!   Pert often told her audience that we were designed to feel “Go(o)d.
“God presumably did not put an opiate receptor in our brains so that we could eventually discover how to get high with opium,” Smithsonian magazine quoted Dr. Pert as saying.

We have talked a lot this year how we all have access to this place within us where we can feel good. But feeling good isn’t just good for our emotional health, it has a profound influence on our physical health as well.

In today’s meditation, it is a pleasure to introduce you to Ray Crist, avid traveler, and Founder of the Jaguar Path Yoga School.   After being diagnosed with cancer with only months to live, Ray traveled the world looking for the best healers he could find.  What he learned was how he needed to do a life “makeover” which meant he not only needed to heal himself physically, but also change his emotional landscape as well.

In this talk, he mentions how important it is that we start living from a center of operation within ourselves that calms down the alarm center of the brain (the amygdala), so that we can maintain the seat of our consciousness in the neocortex.

Ray now travels to Peru twice a year to learn from healers in the jungle, and brings others there as well.  He will be bringing one of these healers to Kripalu, in Massachussetts in May.

If you would like to learn more about his work, or take one of his exciting trips to Peru, please visit; http://jaguarpath.com


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Programs are held weekly, on Wednesday evenings,  at Unity Church of Albany, 21 King Ave, Albany, NY.

How Do We Love…Well?????    (It may not be what you think)
James Peterson, LCSW-R, Founder True Heart Path
Wednesday January 13 at 7:00 PM
Unity Church of Albany

Have you ever regretted how you ended a relationship wishing you had not taken certain things for granted?
Has someone who means a lot to you ever hurt you deeply by an offhanded comment?
If you were to die tomorrow, would you you be remembered by your deep love for those around you…or something else?

We would be well advised to keep these questions fresh in our mind.  At the end of our lives, we will review our choices, and how well we loved will be the most important questions we ask ourselves.    Unfortunately, these questions are often forgotten as we strive to meet the urgency of life’s daily demands.  But, in this class, James Peterson, LMSW-C, will remind us how important it is that we not only love…. but love well. 

What does it mean to love ourselves and others well?

Even more importantly, what keeps us from loving?

James created the True Heart Path Program to help people come back into alignment with what he calls, their “true heart.”  The True Heart is what resides underneath so many of our actions, however it’s expression gets obscured through life’s demands and challenges.  James reminds people of their deepest wisdom as he adeptly guides them back to their greatest teacher, the teacher within of the True Heart.

James guides people to see all of our circumstances as opportunities to release from what no longer serves us and discover true peace within.

See how you can learn to add more power and beauty into your moment to moment existence to help make your life and our world a better place for peace and love to prosper.

Mindfulness For Busy People
Anne-Marie Serre, IT Specialist/Corporate Meditation Leader
Wednesday January 20 at 7:00 PM, Unity Church of Albany

This session will help you apply the transformative power of mindfulness to your busy life, helping you find the coherent calm space within you, as you focus yourself for whatever challenges you face.

Mindfulness is not mystical or magical, it is actually somewhat methodical.  There are basic techniques you can use to broaden your perceptions at any moment, which enables you to resource a much broader palette of elevated feelings, including greater joy, clarity and sustained well-being.

As an IT consultant, Anne-Marie Serre, has had to hone her ability to stay calm under pressure.  In this talk, she will share the best mindfulness techniques she has cherry picked to help us work gracefully under periods of intense stress.  She will discuss how mindfulness techniques do not actually take any “time” at all, because brief periods of mindfulness actually improves focus, energy, efficiency and creativity all which yield greater results in less time.

Programs are held weekly at Unity Church of Albany, 21 King Ave, Albany

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