1.7.15 Meditation – Leslie M. Thornton RN, Hypnotherapist

Good Morning.  Many people try to manage weight issues through strictly physical endeavors including counting calories, exercising, and yo-yo dieting.  The problem with an exclusively physical oriented approach to weight loss is that it neglects the power of the mind….which is where the seeds of sabotaging behavior emerge.
In this video, you will meet Leslie M. Thornton, who struggled to manage her weight for years strictly through physical means.  It was not until she started to skillfully use the power of her own mind through self-hypnosis that she was able to finally drop weight and eventually maintain the weight loss effortlessly.  Watch this video to hear her inspiring story:


Leslie has personally lived the struggle that so many live, but don’t have to live alone. There is support, and an end in site.

Visit her website to receive encouraging news about permanent weight loss.  It does get easier!


Leslie M. Thornton, RN, Hypnotherapist
End of Your Rope Weight Loss Coaching


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