1.28.15 Meditation: Karin Reinhold, PhD, Albany Peace Project Researcher

Today’s Meditation:

As many of you know, I started the Albany Peace Project with SUNY professor, Dr. John Foldy.  We worked behind the scenes a few years trying to figure out the best ways to approach this landmark project.  Right before we were ready to go public and finally launch the first phase last year, Dr. Foldy was diagnosed with colon cancer and passed relatively rapidly the following spring.  It was a totally unexpected turn of events.  Not only did we experience the loss of Dr. John’s sense of humor in our lives, we needed to figure out how to proceed.

As usual, I was back to the Creative Source requesting guidance on this most unusual project.  And, as usual, the Creative Source was already preparing for the needs of the project.  I kept hearing about Dr. Karin Reinhold, a SUNY Mathematics Professor who was interested in working with the Albany Peace Project.

As I have gotten to know Karin, I have marveled at her presence in this project.  She is an amazing pioneer and who has such a strong spirit. I have chuckled  many times how I give her only basic details about about opportunities to promote the Albany Peace Project and she willingly shows up with such an open and “can do” spirit that makes me smile!   This work is her heart’s deepest desire, as she would like to bring it to Buenos Aires, Argentina, her home country.    I am hoping that Albany will come together in such a way that will inspire other cities to organize in a similar manner.

Less than 4 Minute video discussing the Art of Living Foundation’s Happiness Program at Numinous on 2.1.15
2 Minute Video Invite to 2015 Albany Peace Project Closing Celebration

It is our intention that the Albany Peace Project will inspire other cities, and it will transform into the Resonant Peaceful Cities Project.  Buenes Aires…Here we come!


The New NUMINOUS schedule is now posted.  More classes to be posted soon.

The Art Of Living Happiness Program, Sunday, February 1 at 2:00: Nikhil Jain, Faculty on the Art of Living Foundation, Doctoral Candidate in Nanotechnology

Radical Acceptance, Sunday February 8 at 2:00 PM, Tim Moon, MS, CASAC-T

Shamanic Reiki Journeying, Sunday February 15 at 2:00 PM, Derek Healey, Shamanic Practitioner

Seeking Source Saturday; Quantum Prayer, Saturday February 21 at 4:00 PM(Music, Message & Meditation) Bethany Gonyea and Pam Lunz Madina will be leading song

Integrating Spirituality with Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Other Feel Good Goals:  Sunday, March 15 at 2:00, Leslie M. Thornton, RN & Hypnotherapist

Numinous Classes support expenses for the Albany Peace Project.  

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