1.26.15 Meditation: Europa Baker, Yoga Intern at Kripalu

Some types of meditation are referred to as “fearlessness” training. In these meditative approaches, we allow negative feelings to emerge and observe them without becoming overwhelmed or engulfed by the feeling.  This approach fosters fearlessness within us, because through the experience we learn there is a portion of our spirit that is much bigger than what scares us.

In this interview, Europa Baker and I discuss how meditative practices raise self awareness which enables us to observe daily interactions from the broader perspective of a fearless observer.  From this witness perspective, we become more empowered to choose how to respond to life.

We are more aware of the possibilities each opportunity gives us.  Do we want to disassociate from our experience? Or can we observe and stay engaged with what is unfolding?

As we learn to cultivate a witness perspective through meditation, we develop a much stronger muscle to stay present and choose from a wider range of responses,  even during times of intense stress.

It could be said that one of the goals of spirituality is to unplug our identity from an earthly perspective, and plug into an eternal identity.    The witness perspective accelerates our ability to grasp our larger nature.

Europa eloquently discusses how the retreat lifestyle has given her a rare opportunity to cultivate the witness within her which has made her more cognizant of what is arising within her at each moment.

Europa’s Website is:  http://www.europagrace.com

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Today’s Meditation:
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