1.24.15 Meditation: Roger Mock, Music Director of Unity Church

Many traditions have practitioners meditate in silence.  However, contemporary meditation practices often employ music.  Music is similar to meditation in that it helps us bypass the critical mind and reflect more deeply from our souls.

To prepare us for meditation today, Roger Mock, Music Director at Unity Church in Albany came prepared with a song that reminds us that we are “all connected”.    In this interview, Roger’s wonderful song choice reminds us that we are “all connected”.  We also talked about how music makes our boundaries “fuzzy” which helps us feel less separate and more capable of loving each other.  This is a great way to open our hearts for a good meditation today!!

Quick 2 minute video about the Closing Program Concert
Today’s Meditation: 
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Shamanic Reiki Journeying, Sunday February 15 at 2:00 PM, Derek Healey, Shamanic Practitioner

Seeking Source Saturday; Quantum Prayer, Saturday February 21 at 4:00 PM(Music, Message & Meditation) Bethany Gonyea and Pam Lunz Madina will be leading song

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