1.2.15 Meditation: John Welshons, Author

Good Morning!
Welcome to day 2 of meditation!  Thank you very much for participating.

We apologize for loosing the video feed yesterday.  Although there was a total of 162 clicks into the feed, so thank you for interest and support!

Also we apologize for the multiple postings yesterday, another technical glitch.  I am on a learning curve, so please be patient with me.

You are in for a treat in this video.   It is with author, John Welshons, a 45 1/2 year meditator.   He says meditation only gets better!

Below is the meditation for today.  Take a moment to take inventory of how you feel now…and then compare it to when you finish this mediation….


Feeling better?

And you didn’t even take a drug with nasty side effects or change your diet!   How great is that??

Have a fabulous day,


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