1.17.15 Meditation: Michael Wayne, Author, Quantum-Integral Medicine

Welcome to the weekend!
I get fired up when I think about what Dr. Michael Wayne is discussing in this interview.  He talks about starting a revolution!!

Not the blood, guts, and gore kind of revolution, but the kind of revolution that inspires people to access the highest and best within themselves.

Can you imagine the amazing results of that kind of revolution?

I believe that one of the worst of human tragedies is not fostering human potential, because within all of us is massive power to uplift and positively transform the world around us.

Dr. Wayne is a revolutionary, someone who dares to dream of a better world, and he interviews fellow revolutionary travelers through his interview series, Interviews From The Leading Edge.

Just participating in the Albany Peace Project makes you a quantum revolutionary, because you are willing to contemplate the outcome of how society would gracefully transform itself if meditation and peaceful intentions were accepted as daily ordinary practice in the city of Albany, through the school systems, law enforcement and business communities…so you already are a revolutionary!  Can you feel your energy revving?

The Albany Peace Project team is working diligently toward those efforts.   A peaceful revolution is already underway..and you are a big part of it!  THANK YOU!!

Michael Wayne, Ph.D., L.Ac., is the author of the groundbreaking book, Quantum-Integral Medicine: Towards a New Science of Healing and Human Potential, and The Low Density Lifestyle. He also has written a novel, The Knuckleball From Hell. His new book, The Quantum Revolution, is coming out in later 2013.

He is the Founder and Director of The  Center for Quantum Revolution. Dr. Wayne has over 25 years experience in the field of Chinese Medicine, and has a private practice as a practitioner of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Integrative Medicine. His Ph.D. is in the field of Quantum-Integral Medicine—a field he has pioneered—which is about the science of emerging properties, and how it relates to the innate healing system and human potential.

Dr. Wayne’s work has been publicly praised by Marianne Williamson and Dr. Larry Dossey; Marianne Williamson said of him, “Michael Wayne has brought us closer to the understanding we need in order to heal ourselves, each other and the world.”  And Larry Dossey said, “A revolution in medicine is taking place, and no one sees this more clearly than Dr. Michael Wayne.”

His work has received national media attention by the likes of Alternative Medicine, the New York Post, Hay House Radio, Positive Health, Wellbeing Journal, Martha Stewart’s Whole Living and Acupuncture Today.

In addition to his writing, Dr. Wayne is the Director of the Center for Quantum-Integral Medicine, and in that capacity gives workshops and speaks to groups around the country.  He is also the founder of the IdeaLab, a thinktank aimed at developing creative solutions to issues in medicine, science and technology, business and the arts.

You can also visit Dr. Wayne’s affiliate website, The Low Density Lifestyle, where you will find various articles on health and well-being, along with interviews and radio broadcasts with Dr. Wayne.

Come on…You know you want to sing it!


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