1.13.15 Wendy Ball, Therapist, Shamanic Healer, Hakomi Practitioner c

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Day 13….Did you think you were going to make it this long?  Well, I am glad you did…

Rev. Sam’s meditation yesterday primed us wonderfully for this meditation with Wendy Ball today.

Wendy Ball is a mental health counselor and a shamanic healer.  She is also a Hakomi practitioner, which means she specializes in teaching people how to cultivate a loving presence within themselves, especially as they endure difficult times.      When she realized that therapy clients needed a way review past trauma without being re-victimized by it, she found that “loving presence” was all they needed.

Enjoy Wendy’s sweet presence as it beckons the sweet loving presence within all of us.

 ” I believe that the best contribution one can make toward peace in the world is to heal and create peace within oneself.”  Wendy Ball

Wendy Ball brings together approaches of EMDR, Hakomi, ego-state therapies coaching and energy medicine with psychoeducation, stress management and expressive arts to create therapy programs responsive to the unique styles and needs her clients.

She earned her Masters degree in Counseling at McGill University and is a NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  She earned certification in both EMDR and Hakomi therapies and is a graduate of the Collaborative Leadership Institute’s Transformational Coaching Program and Professional Coaching Apprenticeship.

She is currently studying shamanic energy healing and am interested in how shamanic healing perspectives and tools can enrich modalities such as EMDR and Hakomi in the healing of trauma imprints.

Over the years she has developed a deep commitment toward finding safe, effective ways of healing the imprint of psychological trauma which keeps people locked in self-defeating behavior patterns and struggling with painful symptoms.

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