January 25

The Albany Peace Project Day 25

Interview #2 With Pam Lunz-Medina
Meditation Led by Pam Lunz-Medina (more about Pam below this video)


Music by Joe Mennonna: http://MeditationMusicNow.com

pam head shotMore About Pam Lunz Medina
Pam Lunz Medina, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Thai Yoga Bodyworker

Founder of The Yoga Lily Clifton Park, NY

Pam Lunz Medina (Chandra) began her study of yoga 19 years ago to fulfill a college requirement. Little did she know, it would lead her to a new way of life, spiral her deep into her soul and spark a calling to share it with the world. She received her certification in 2006 at Satchidanada Ashram, where she assisted in teacher training.

She spent 2 years living without running water or electricity in the Ozark Mountains, which kindled a profound connection to the earth mother and meditative consciousness. Her solo journey through India lead her into many opportunities to teach, serve, and learn. During her free time she is an activist, writer, musician, wife, shamanic drummer, dancer, and soul adventurer. Her vision is for oneness to emerge through authentic expression of our creative life force.

Pam is said to be on the cutting edge of yoga teacher’s, not afraid to share or teach what many others refrain from. She has been trained in many healing arts and is the daughter of two interfaith ministers. Her father is a Reiki master. Her mother is a theologian. She has been blessed to be raised in an environment where spiritual energy is a reality.

Pam’s life-path calls her to quench the thirst of the soul for authentic truth, freedom of expression, and complete union. She became a Reiki practitioner at the age of 19, and began to study shamanism in her early twenties. She became an activist and community organizer during her college years and that momentum radiated into the southern Adirondacks. Pam was founded and organized The Living Earth Celebration and Pray For Peace in Glens Falls, NY after 9/11. She believes that now is the time to rise up, speak our truth (satya) and liberate our ourselves. In a world consumed with unfulfilling desires, yoga can help guide us to true happiness.
Burnt out from trying to change her outer world, she began to search for another way to experience peace. She discovered yoga, which eventually lead her to sacred ecology, a complete change of lifestyle. Originally certified in Integral Yoga, she continued her studies in Kundalini, Tantra, Meditation and Trance Dance. Her greatest joy is sharing with others the many tools she has been blessed with on her holy journey towards the endless within. She is the proud founder of The Yoga Lily.

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