January 24

The Albany Peace Project Day 24

Interview with Jerry Petell:
Bethany Gonyea Interviews Jerry Petell, LMSW prior to his leading the Albany Peace Project in Day 24 Meditation.
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Meditation by Jerry Petell


Meditation Music by Joe Mennonna: MeditationMusicNow.com
jerry petell headshotMore About Jerry Petell:
A licensed Master Social Worker and adjunct professor at Hudson Valley Community College. He is also a Reiki Master and comitted practitioner of Tai Chi. Jerry began his study of Tai Chi and Qi Gong in 1998, under Grand Master Jiang Jianye, and has been teaching Tia Chi for over 8 years. As a Tai Chi practitioner, Reiki Master and intuitive counselor, he applies Qi energy in all of his practices. His approach to Tai Chi is rooted in energy healing. He travels a simple road to understanding Tai Chi as a life long journey.

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