January 16


Interview with today’s meditation leader, Mana Behan. After raising 9 Children Mana Got her masters degree and then went on to get her massage therapy license after age 60 and has practiced for over 20 years now… so earlier in the week we had some of our youngest Meditation Leaders, today we have the wonderful presence of a person with experience!
Her website: http://www.manassaratogayoga.com/


More about Mana below the Meditation video (which is to the right of the interview video)

Day 16 Meditation with Mana Behan



The Meditation Music supporting this session is “Flow” by Joe Mennonna: MeditationMusicNow.com


mana behan photo1More about Mana Behan:
Mana Behan – Cranio-sacral Therapist & Yoga Teacher
Mana has been graced with a large family and a rich marriage. While teaching in schools, in a prison, and in a college, she discovered the incredible gift of yoga classes and massage therapy. These healing modalities carried her through a time of personal crisis and called to her more deeply to be a practitioner. She realized the deep connection between relaxation and self-trust.

Mana has studied with several teachers and continues to love learning. She especially enjoys the richness of craniosacral therapy sessions as a way to reveal long held physical and emotional wounds through mind, body and spirit awareness. The sessions invite the receiver to richer life habits. Gradually, through these sessions, clients become more able to drop life-defeating patterns as body/mind awareness builds.

Her website: http://www.manassaratogayoga.com/

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