Meditation Leader Training: Coming to A City Near You!

Meditation is taking the world by storm.   Have you caught the wave yet?  All you have to do is start!  Explore your consciousness.  It truly is the most meaningful  frontier.  

Are you interested in being a positive force in the world?  How about helping the Global Peaceful Cities Project reach more people?

Please consider growing into being more of who you are while helping this worldwide movement by joining us for the next Global Peace Project Meditation Leader Training program.             

It may sound like a daunting task but it really isn’t, GPCP volunteers will be with you ever step of the way.   You will have the tools and the skills to become an inspiring meditation leader, trained to share leading edge scientifically proven, time-tested meditation techniques for the Worldwide Peace Project.

Explore and share the transformative power of intentional coherence meditation with your family, friends, students, clients, or patients to help them discover newfound strength, vitality, creativity, inner peace, and greater well-being in their everyday lives.   The time is to inspire others while you “Be the change.”

The Peace Project Meditation Leader Certification program is designed to provide a sound understanding of GPCP, its goals, and most importantly a scientifically proven meditation protocol, that’s transformed lives around the world.   Develop your strength and confidence from within.  Feel confident delivering professional meditation instructions and inspire others to experience the benefits of meditation.  There’s no better feeling than to truly be a part of transforming a life!

The program has a couple training sessions, with some basic assignments and regular opportunities to practice under the guidance of meditation professionals Anne-Marie Serre, Corporate Meditation and Yoga teacher, and Jerry Petell, LMSW.  Bethany Gonyea, Biofeedback Specialist and Founder of the Global Peaceful Cities Project will be supervising the training program. That’s 46 combined years of meditation and teaching available to you.

Answer the call to become more of who you are and bring forth your gifts to the world around you.  “Bring forth that which is within you and that which you bring forth will save you…”  Gospel of Thomas

A great meditation leader has:
– A dedicated personal meditation practice, one that they’ve been doing every day for a substantial length of time or if just starting are willing to commit to being consistent;
– A commitment to their practice knowing that the discipline will have eternal benefits that far outweigh temporary obstacles… or, even if they started when times were tough, they remain committed to their practice because it always makes life more enjoyable;
– Experience in or a willingness to learn the tangible benefits of meditation in their own lives and share with others to improve others lives;
– Mental, physical, and emotional balance(or at least working toward it);
– A grounded, yet light-hearted approach to life and inward exploration;
– Respect for every individual person’s personal beliefs and credo, no matter how different they may be from their own.

Currently this is offered at no charge, however, we could be spreading peace faster with greater support.  Donations are always appreciated for this work.

Questions regarding the next training? Contact: Info@PeacefulCities.org