Positively changing the world has never easier or more enjoyable!!

Not only will you be supporting your local city with good intentions from the privacy of your own home, you will be learning how to reliably and repeatedly move your nervous system into a place researchers refer to as “coherence.” We will teach you internal intentional coherence skills which will enable you to reach the highest and best within you on demand! Research shows that when we are in a coherent state, we perform at our best, make better decisions, and tend to be happier “for no good reason!”

To begin…please look on our list of peaceful cities to determine if your city or a nearby city has chosen to organize a peace project. Enter your email, and you will receive notifications of intentional coherence meditations.

You will learn when your peace project is beginning and receive updates each along the way that will offer inspiring ways to participate.

When your peace project starts, you will receive emails for two weeks that include a 15 minute intentional coherence meditation which you can enjoy at home. During that 15 minutes, you will become coherent yourself, and then be given the opportunity to offer peaceful intentions of goodwill to your chosen area. Research from the Institute of Heartmath (heartmath.org and heartmath.com) demonstrates that when people become more coherent, and send a prayer or intention, their intentions “sail” out into the world more efficiently.

If your local city does not have a peace project started yet, consider starting one yourself, or join a project in a nearby city. You don’t have to live there to participate, as quantum physics has demonstrated that intentions travel effortlessly thru time and space. Research has shown that as people open their hearts to support their local cities, they benefit in their own lives as well.

“As a school psychologist in the Albany, NY city school district, The Albany Peace Project changed my whole relationship to the city of Albany. I would often feel discouraged about wanting to do more for the students I saw who were in so much need, and I felt powerless to do much about it. The Albany Peace Project empowered me on a grandeur level to facilitate peace, and our students are now becoming peace ambassadors themselves. I am so happy!” E. Banker