Our Intentional Meditation Protocol

The Resonant Peaceful Cities Project follows a 20-minute specific meditation protocol based on cutting-edge intentional science and participant feedback.

During the first few years, we noticed that people became exceptionally vibrant, creative, and empowered after participating in peace projects. So we decided to measure this change and found that people experienced up to an 84% increase in happiness levels in only eight days! In addition, long-term resentments melted away, feelings of being trapped and stuck disappeared, and people literally “changed their whole relationship with the city of ___________ (Albany, Schenectady or Louisville).”

As we started to get measurable results at the city level, we wanted to have people get results at the personal level, so we added the final 5-minute section that invites people to send honed intentions to their own lives. This was a big hit! People loved having time to prioritize their own lives.

Intentional Coherence Meditation is a type of meditation that combines heart rate variability biofeedback skills with intentional and prayer techniques demonstrated to work. Intentional Coherence Meditation differs from traditional meditation because it teaches you how to skillfully move your nervous system into a state researchers call Coherence. The hallmark of Coherence is heart rate variability, as documented by the Institute of Heartmath (Heartmath.org, and Heartmath.com). Our meditations are designed to facilitate heart rate variability, which primes your nervous system for greater clarity, better decision-making, and optimal performance.

After we lead our nervous system into greater heart coherence, we send peaceful intentions to a geographical area. Our protocol for sending intentions is based on the intentional research gathered from several sources, including Lynn McTaggert, author of the Intention Experiment, various research studies of top healers, and the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of the NY Times Best Seller, You Are The Placebo.

The easiest way to learn Intentional Coherence based meditation is to participate in a local peace project or start your own.

If not, sign up to participate in another city. You will learn that becoming your “brother’s keeper” for complete strangers surprisingly adds incredible meaning and depth to your life, dramatically increasing your personal happiness baseline and generating transformative feelings of resilience.

Thank you for your interest,
Bethany Gonyea