Law of Attraction: Manifesting Through Being, Not Force

Law of Attraction: Manifesting Through Being, Not Force
Bethany Gonyea
Sunday January 22 from 2:00-4:00 PM

“The universe responds not to what we want, but who we are being.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

In our highly scheduled world, we often have no time in our lives for our spirit to roam in the spheres from which we came. We follow the same schedules day after day, maintaining the same inner state each day, and wonder why our lives don’t transform. We often hear about amazing synchronicities happening for other people, and yet we don’t see evidence of that in our lives. Our culture is so focused on getting things accomplished and achieving in temporal time, our higher nature never has the opportunity to ‘kiss” our efforts with grace. In this class, we will discuss how important it is for us to maintain our state of being, not goals. We will learn that we need to attend to our minds similar to how we would attend to a new born baby meeting it’s varying needs throughout the day. We will discuss what it means to maintain a state of being and open focus which widens our perceptual fields and generates new opportunities.