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Bethany Gonyea
Become a Consciousness Athlete

About Bethany Gonyea, MS

Bethany Gonyea, MS is a Biofeedback Specialist and founder of NUMINOUS, Sponsor of the Global Peaceful Cities Project. For the past twenty five years, Bethany fervently researched the most powerful biofeedback subtle energy meditative skills. Formal research studies measured that people applying the consciousness
thlete curriculum skills demonstrated a 68-84% increase in happiness levels within only eight days! Bethany shares with us why this increase in happiness is just the beginning of the heightened states of consciousness we are all capable of achieving.

About Monroe Institute

This App was developed by the Monroe Institute, the world’s foremost center for the study and practice of expanded consciousness. Monroe Is a 501©(3) non-profit founded in the early 1970s as a research
Andeducational organization in addition to Expand, Monroe offers a wide variety of experiential retreats on our 300-acre Virginia campus and in over a dozen countries worldwide.
About Monroe Institute

About the app

Access profound states of expanded awareness normally attained after years of dedicated practice to foster greater meaning and purpose, relieve stress, improve sleep, and release unwanted patterns From the world-renowned Monroe Institute, the guided meditations
in Expand feature Monroe Sound Science, our proprietary audio technology that uses targeted soundwave patterns to facilitate unique states of consciousness. Using Expand, you can access the profound wisdom and joy buried deep within your conscious and subconscious minds.
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About Resonant Peaceful Cities Project

The Resonant Peaceful Cities Project started when the citizens of Albany, NY gathered in 2013 to promote coherent based meditations through the leadership of founder, Bethany Gonyea, and Karin Reinhold, PhD with the Albany Peace Project.
Karin Reinhold, PhD Professor of Statistics and Mathematics at theState University of New York at Albany, will be reviewing the violent crime history to determine how much our peaceful intentions have had animpact.Dozens of research studies have demonstrated that focused peaceful intention has a real