Kirlian Photography – See Your Own Energy Field

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever wanted to see your own energy field?  Did you ever wonder how well your chakras are functioning?  Do you ever feel just overall weak, lethargic or depressed, but you don’t know why?

Healing traditions from around the world acknowledge an electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical bodies.  These traditions also suggest that this field reflects illness before we experience symptoms in our physical bodies.

Kirlian Imaging technology, also known as Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) is now helping us to “see” the Bio-field around the body through direct real-time viewing and analysis. Because results are obtained so easily, GDV is becoming an easy way to see the strengths and weaknesses in our energy field.

This technology has extraordinary implications for health and spirit related fields, including conventional as well as complementary or alternative therapies.  GDV is currently being utilized at universities and research institutes worldwide in medicine, energy medicine, athletic training, biophysics, and parapsychology.  Numerous research projects have confirmed its usefulness, reliability and value.  GDV technology provides a convenient and user friendly method to investigate the human bio-field and can also be utilized to observe responses to a multitude of interventions.

GDV assessments help us learn the following about ourselves:

•How much energy does your body have?

•How is your body handling stress?

•Where is stress affecting your physical body?

•Where are you moving toward or away from disease?

•What would be the most important area to focus on to generate greater health?

GDV testing is so powerful because it reveals our energy patterns in many different domains including, emotional, physical, spiritual and how our inner world is interfacing with our outer world.   It also visually depicts how energy is transferred to every organ of the body.

NUMINOUS is very pleased to have GDV analyst, K. Melissa Waterman, share with us the power of this amazing technology!  We will get a glimpse of the future of medicine that will combine ancient medical philosophies with sophisticated computer science.    Ms. Waterman traveled with Dr. Joe Dispenza for years measuring the energy field of advanced workshop participants and also measuring the energy of spaces where people congregate.  Ms. Waterman’s work has been included in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s latest book, Becoming Supernatural, How Common People are Doing The Uncommon.  (see Graphics 1,4,5, and 15 in the middle colored section) 

Ms. Waterman will give a presentation on the GDV and what she has learned after scanning thousands of people in various stages of health.  Melissa is funny and engaging, and she has a passion for sharing empowering information that helps individuals strategically evolve and transform.

After her presentation,  Melissa will be available to scan participants who will be invited to make an appointment with Melissa within a few weeks to have their GDV results reviewed and analyzed for possible wellness suggestions.  Melissa usually charges $140 for this service, however, she is offering the discounted rate of $100 for NUMINOUS participants.  If you are interested,  be sure that you will have time after her 1 hr lecture to be scanned. This will take approximately 10 minutes per scan.  Please send an RSVP request to be scanned  to joanneperrino (@ )

Get a sneak peak at Ms. Waterman’s work at: