Justin Gaddy, SNUG Anti-Violence Supervisor











Hi Everyone,

In my efforts to develop a legion of committed meditators to reduce violence in our cities, I have worked at the street level with SNUG, an anti-violence organization that walks the streets to eliminate violence before it erupts.  

I know that work is strong enough to bring it to the toughest of situations.

When we do anti-violence work at the community level, my Alternatives to Violence facilitator friend, Bernard Shuman,  splits a piece of paper in half and asks kids to describe peace and violence.  When we finish, the descriptors of violence far exceed the descriptors of peace.

Kids can describe what is violence much easier than they can describe what is peace.

If this is so….How are we ever going to generate peace?


In this video, I ask Justin Gaddy, SNUG supervisor what his vision of peace is.  He answers from the perspective of a new generation of kids that are now learning for the first time how to adapt to a culture surrounding them of escalated violence that they have never experience.

Let’s support these kids while finding the highest and best within ourselves and beaming love and light to them.

Your heartfelt intentions are needed and will make a big difference to this generation and generations to come.

Please vote with your heart for peace with us from the privacy of your own living room August 15-22.


PS.  We are organizing a Chicago Peace Project.  If you know of any Chicago based organizations that would like to partner with us, please reach out to: Info@Peacefulcities.org

PPS.  If you would like us to help you organize a Peace Project in your city, please reach out t: Info@Peacefulcities.org