Happiness Challenge – Do You Dare to Be Happy?

The Happiness Challenge Survey measures your happiness habits. It is an opportunity to reflect on your own personal life experience and to provide you more information to help you on your wellness journey. After completing the survey, you will receive your happiness score and a fun challenge to practice eight habits for increased every day happiness. 

By completing this survey, you are helping us advance the research for the Peace Project. We intend to measure participants’ level of happiness before and after their participation in the Peace Project. Therefore, we ask you to please take this survey twice, before and after the Peace Project. Be reassured that individual results are confidential and will not be shared with anyone. 

At the end of the Peace Project, we will send you a reminder to take the survey for the second time. Thank you for helping us advance the research into wellness through coherence meditation.

Happiness Challenge Survey:  

Please take a moment to reflect on your answers before choosing your response to the survey questions. For most of the questions, we ask you to think about how you felt, generally, during the past week, and respond based on your recollection of your feelings and events.

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