adjective nu·mi·nous \ ˈnü-mə-nəs , ˈnyü- \
– arousing spiritual or religious emotion; mysterious or awe-inspiring
– Greek term referring to an unknowable reality underlying all things



The word numinous was coined in 1917 by Rudolph Otto, a German Theologian and scholar of comparative religion.  Otto defined the numinous as a nonrational nonsensory experience or feeling whose primary and immediate object is outside the self.  Author, CS Lewis and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, used the word prominently in their writings, which made the word more well-known

Numinous events typically fill us with a sense that we are in contact with something more significant and greater than the individual self or ego.    Although the Numinous is ineffable, numinous dreams and experiences have a lingering palpable presence that stays with us and continues to impact us each time we recall them.   Numinous experiences can influence our entire lives.  Being able to live a life that makes room for the numinous, seems to bring us back to that sense of awe and wonder we had as children, and infuses life with greater energy and stimulates meaning which inspires sweet contentment.

Bethany emboldens us to feel the distinct palpable physical strength and power available to all of us by cultivating our own personal rapport with the Numinous.  She discourages us from handling our problems “alone” by teaching us to release the body and maintain a “light heart” which dramatically enhances our energetic exchange with the Numinous.   This expansiveness makes us privy to the mysterious wisdom and support that pervades all challenges and helps us employ amiable resolutions to complex solutions for all parties that would often be obscured through ordinary consciousness.   She inspires us to bask in joyous contentment, wonder, and awe as we delight in learning how to live in a more strategic partnership with the Numinous which offers solutions to our challenges that are much more elegant than what we provide through only on our limited five sense perceptions.    

Ms. Gonyea’s founding organization,  NUMINOUS, is an inter-faith spiritual organization that specializes in teaching members reliable methods that heighten consciousness to strengthen and inspire dynamic lives of service.  Her highest hope for this work is that as people create a peaceful space within themselves while participating in this research, they will be inspired by the still small voice within each of them to follow their own genius and change the world for the better in their own unique ways.