City Organizer Program: Start Your Own Peace Project

The Global Peaceful Cities Project is the organic and gradual globalization of the pioneering Albany Peace Project, in 2014 in Albany, NY, to statistically measure how meditation with focused peaceful intention can reduce violent crime.
  1. To create opportunities for community building centered around intentional peace research
  2. To study the effects of Peaceful Meditations on a city
  3. To encourage individuals, community leaders, and organizations to integrate these concepts
  4. To identify and inspire leaders to create strong rooted networks of Coherence-based intentional meditation groups
  5. To train meditation leaders and lead meditations following the GPCP protocol
  • Engage large segments of the population to meditate for peace.
  • Show that peace is an active embodied state, and not simply the absence of violence.
  • Shift society’s culture of violence by re-sensitizing folks and teaching Coherence-based intentional meditation for individuals & cities.

Thank you for considering to start a peace project!!

When we start a peace project, not only are we preparing to bring comfort and solace to many people, we are simultaneously beginning a journey that inspires the best within ourselves.  Our lives are profoundly enriched as we empower others with this highly specialized skill-set.

We have provided this blueprint to support you in organizing, hosting, planning, and maximizing your local Peaceful Cities Project.  In the first lesson, we have provided a video that will give you an overview, and then use the manual for specific references.

Peaceful Cities volunteers are working to demonstrate that when a relatively small group of people meditate with the intention to increase peace within an area, it has an impact on quality of life shown by (in this case) a measurable reduction in violence.   (We are interested in measuring changes in other variables as well.)

We are forever grateful to the TM organization for performing seminal peace meditation research. Their twenty-three articles published in rigorously peer-reviewed journals have documented this phenomenon beyond a doubt.

However, their studies were conducted using a more costly and less accessible method. The Peaceful Cities research team has created a protocol that is accessible to everyone at no cost. This protocol has been designed utilizing the most current findings in intentional research, and also includes the evidence-based tool, the Heart Lock-in, by the Institute of Heartmath, an internationally recognized research organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions, and build energetic resilience for healthy happy lives.

Beyond the research itself, we have witnessed Peace Projects offering communities a way to access no-cost opportunities to learn and practice transformative self-care skills that significantly enhance health and community outcomes.

When community members are trained in the intentional coherence meditation and practice it over time, they will find that self-regulating their emotions (and subsequently, resulting behaviors) becomes much easier! This work has already been proven to have a significant impact on the health of the community as evidenced by the growing number of dedicated Peacefull Cities volunteers from all walks of life.

This course was created to replicate the processes we have learned through our grassroots efforts. It’s important to note that while we have many ideas about what works and what doesn’t, we acknowledge are still on a growing curve and invite your thoughts and input.

Some segments of this manual may be beyond the parameters of what you currently need to begin building your peaceful community.  If so, you may refer back to those sections as a reference later on in the development process, if needed.

Please remember…This research needs to be done “by the people, for the people.”  We can’t pass this cup.

Until people awaken people to their greater connection to their local communities, world peace will be impossible.  Inspiring peace at the city level is the beginning of inspiring peace at the global level. There is no reason to wait. This phenomenon has been documented in journals for years, but it has had very little impact on ordinary citizens. We must change that.

It is time that empower every man, woman, and child with the knowledge that they can “vote with their heart” to override negative influences and make a positive difference in this world.

Thank you for considering to take this heroic journey with us. We are glad to have you!

Bethany Gonyea,
NUMINOUS, sponsor of the Global Peaceful Cities Project


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