Spiritual Technology for Real-World Results!

Come Have Fun With the NUMINOUS  community and Explore Your Greater Nature By Participating in our:  Consciousness Athlete Program.

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A program that teaches you research-based intentional skills while cultivating joy and happiness to facilitate reliable grace in your life.

Learn how to maintain a buoyant state of being to consistently manifest in the positive.

“Become intolerant of feeling miserable…because you know you can feel so good” Bethany Gonyea

– Train your nervous system to maintain more elevated states of consciousness to catalyze more positive results in your life.

– Four months of live biweekly video-streamed courses that encourage you to ask questions and interact with other participants.

– Customized audio meditation downloads created and distributed after each session.  Participants use these meditations to apply course material and class discussions to their intricate personal challenges.

-Watch intention work it’s elegance in your life and share your success with others.

-Opportunities to ask how to use intention in your life….while you face current daily challenges.  Receive “gritty street advice” from Bethany who has been working with teaching the science of intention through biofeedback for 25 years.

-Learn how to sculpt and charge your field of energy surrounding your body to build the capacity for sustainable change.

-Learn how to move your nervous system into coherence…which basically means become happier, more fulfilled, and more successful with all of your intentional efforts.

RECEIVE coherent energy from the group of trained participants sending you loving energetic support to manifest your deepest intentions.  Research has shown that people who are trained in intention achieve better results.

-You benefit from both receiving AND giving…as the peace projects have demonstrated along with current intentional research that sending good intentions primes us to receive benefits as well.

Intentional Coherence Athlete Program is offered three times a year.   Visit: to learn when the next class begins.

Think about how your life will change in four months of unwavering effort in applying the discipline to skillfully employ intention in your life while receiving customized support!  (The support is so important…more than you know!!)

Please send your questions about this class to

Here is what people are saying about learning how to live the Intentional Coherence Lifestyle.

  • We have a lot of good stuff going on in our group.  You are changing lives!:)
  • I’ll miss every one of you and your insights and laughter. Bethany, our zoom sessions and meditations have been excellent—you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  And the opportunity to send healing light and energy to each other has been wonderful.
  • It was great to see the rest of the crew – what a great bunch of people!
  • Beautiful meditation, Bethany.  I wept many times. Perfect timing. Thank you so much! 
  • Really enjoying the meditation from the last class.  VERY relevant to my life right now.  Thanks!
  • Thanks, Bethany, for the opportunity to continue with this work. I’ve learned a great deal from you and also from each member of the group
  • Beautiful, Bethany!!  Just love your class.  Thanks for sharing. 
  • I am definitely on board with continuing our adventure together and hope everyone feels the same.  This has been such a great learning experience and I know I have much more to gather from the group.  
  • Your program has helped me get clear and helped me focus on my essence, especially in the body and on my goals. I am grateful.  I know our paths will cross again. Many blessings
  • Thank you, Bethany! I love what you are teaching. I Am looking forward to the next round of classes.

** One four-month class has continued for over five years due to enthusiastic participation!