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Juneteenth Peace Project June 19-26, 2020


Please participate in the
Global Peaceful Cities Peace Project
scheduled for June 19-26, 2020
in honor of Juneteenth
to support the healing and growth of Minneapolis and Beyond.

Juneteenth (a portmanteau of “June” and “nineteenth”),[1] also known as Freedom Day,[2] Jubilee Day,[3] and Cel-Liberation Day,[4] is an American holiday celebrated on June 19.[5] On this day in 1865, almost two and half years after the implementation of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, enslaved African-Americans were informed of their liberation in Texas, the final former Confederate State where slavery was abolished, after the end of the American Civil War in April of that year.[6]
Source: Wikipedia

This Peace Project is an opportunity for EVERYONE to facilitate healing the hearts of ourselves and others so that we have the presence of mind to have the difficult conversations required for sustainable change.

You will also have an opportunity to experience deep healing in your own life as well.

By entering your email on this site, you will be sent a 20-minute meditation on June 19-26 that you can perform at home to help facilitate the deep healing for our nation and our own lives.

Our 2018 Schenectady Peace Project demonstrated a 25% reduction of violence
in the area of focus compared to the rest of the city.

Our 2019 Albany Peace Project demonstrated a 30% reduction of crime
in the area of focus compared to the rest of the city.

Our research has also measured a 25% increase in happiness when people open their heart to send peaceful intentions to cities during our eight-day Global Peaceful Cities Peace Project.  We will send out surveys of well-being before and after the Juneteenth Peace Project to measure changes in well-being. Participants who participate in both the before and after surveys will be offered 30% off our next Happiness Athlete program (formerly known as our Intentional Coherence Athlete Program).

Take our pre-meditation healing and happiness survey TODAY!

You will learn how to use cutting-edge research inspired intentional skills to heal and enhance your own life.
Based on the experiences others have shared, we know you will be happy that you did.


— In Collaboration with Monroe Audio Supported meditation frequencies to help lift consciousness.

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How to get involved


Groups and individuals can sign up to be notified of the next local meditation event in your city. Groups can also request a meditation leader from the Peace Project to come to your organization and lead a group meditation while both groups and individuals can participate online from home.

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Learn how to facilitate mediations in your city by taking our meditation leader program. This course will teach you everything you need to know.

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If you are a people person we need a lot of people to help with local community outreach.

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