Global Peaceful Cities


Welcome to the Global Peaceful Cities Project: A World-wide outreach program championed by with support from The Institute of Heartmath

Here you will find inspiration to “vote with your heart”, and join the growing movement to create a global community that utilizes a new social paradigm through focused intentional meditation. This is also the place to be if you are looking for assistance in forming a Peaceful City project where you live. Every city that joins the global effort will help move people everywhere to increase the possibility of a new consciousness, where societal conflict is minimized, and cooperation among people everywhere can become reality.

The simplest advice we can offer to anyone who wishes to help ignite a Peace Project in their own town is to use the contact form for this website, and we will have someone reach out to you.

We are organizing in such a way that will provide you internet and technical support, so all that you need to do is raise awareness in your own area.

Explore the site to learn more about what is involved.

We look forward to hearing from you!