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Welcome to the Phoenix Peace Project! We are excited to partner with the Albany Peace Project to form Global Peaceful Cities (GPC). The project started when the citizens of Albany, NY gathered in 2013 to promote coherent based meditations through the leadership of founder, Bethany Gonyea, and Karin Reinhold, PhD.

GPC is a collection of research projects designed to determine if organized groups of meditators creating a “coherent state” in their bodies and then focusing peaceful intention outwardly can measurably reduce local violence. Research continues to prove that focused peaceful intention has real world impact through significant decrease in murders, crime, violence, terrorism, and automobile accidents during the period of meditation.

Additionally the research supports that by bringing the mind and body in to a state of coherence through meditation results in positive changes in one’s personal life.

We will be gathering data to determine if this approach can positively impact the Phoenix Metropolitan area and those who participate in the mediations. Please spread the word and help us get as many Phoenicians to join us in our commitment to global peace.

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To bring people of the Phoenix Metropolitan area together to meditate with a shared intention of peace, love, and compassion for the purpose of creating a coherent state of wholeness and wellness within their own bodies and also within their community. By creating peace within ourselves and then radiating elevated energetic emotions of love, compassion, peace, and Oneness into our community, that peace is exponentially radiated throughout our planet and the universe.

Our goal is to create a community of 1,000 plus participants who are committed to taking 15-20 minutes each day for one month to meditate, focusing on peace. In order to achieve peace in our world, we must first be at peace within our own hearts.

Data and results collected throughout the first month of this study will be shared through this website and with local media.

The Phoenix Peace Project is planning to launch May 2017. Sign up today to receive notifications and updates about this exciting and life-changing project.

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Coming soon!

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Coming soon!

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Tanya Craven is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Hypnotherapist in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tanya guides seekers in the development of healthful and healing practices that bring about positive transformations in their lives by removing emotional and physical blocks held in the mind, body, and chakras.

Tanya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Family Resources and Human Development from Arizona State University and is a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) as a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Transformational Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Therapist.

Since November 2015, Tanya has been a devout student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Nassim Haramein, and Bruce H. Lipton.

“My passion for the Global Peaceful Cities Project was ignited after participating in one of Dr. Joe’s global meditations. There was an immediate powerful shift in energy after the mediation that I experienced for days. I was reconnected with the energies of the earth and my community. That one experience changed the way I perceive the world, our planet and the universe. Thank you Dr. Joe!”, Tanya Craven

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Contact: Tanya Craven

Email: Tanya@healingpracticestudio.com

Phone: 480.215.8992

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