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Welcome to the Boston Peace Project, a sister to the Albany Peace Project. We are a diverse community of people who wish to help create a positive change within ourselves as well as our world through meditation.

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Welcome to the Boston Peace Project. We are a diverse community of people who wish to help create a positive change within ourselves as well as our world through meditation. Organized in December 2016, we participated in online meditations for the first time in January 2017.

The premise of this project is that when an organized group of people learn to meditate — focusing on feelings of peace, love, and compassion — not only do they experience a coherency of wellness within their own bodies but also within their community.

Our goal is to create a community of 1,000-plus people who are committed and passionate to take 15-20 minutes each day during the month of January to meditate, focusing on peace. This can include people who have a deep longing for peace, and people who desire to be the change that is needed to help heal humanity and our world. In order for there to be peace in our world, it must first be within our own hearts. By creating that inner peace within ourselves and then radiating that elevated energy of love, compassion and peace into their community, it is ultimately radiated across our planet.

We are a sister to the Albany Peace Project, which started their 10 year longitudinal study in 2013 with the goal of researching and gathering evidence that we can make a change.

The HeartMath Institute has been studying this response for over 20 years. Their studies show that when a group of people focus together on a peaceful intention, they can have a real impact on the world in a positive way. Research is showing that murders, crime, violence, terrorism, and accidents are decreased by a significant amount during the period of meditation.

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My name is Lynne Powers. I have been married to a wonderful husband for 36 years. I have four awesome children and three amazing grandchildren.

I have been a practicing physical therapist since 1978. I currently work at Back on Track Physical Therapy three days a week. I work for my own private practice on Tuesdays and babysit the grandchildren on Fridays

As a physical therapist, I witness every day the pain and disease in people’s bodies created by stress and reactive associated emotions. I feel that is very important to treat the whole person. My treatments work on the energy field, the stored emotions within the tissues, as well as the physical restrictions of the muscles and joints. I am an out of the box practicing therapist for sure.

I have been meditating for three years now under the guidance and teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza. His scientific approach and beautifully guided meditations have truly transformed me to be more in touch with the Divine. I am forever grateful.

WHY am I doing this Boston Peace Project?
For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to the thought of having world peace. I don’t know if it’s because of growing up as a young child in the 60’s or if it’s just a part of me. I was the one wearing the leather peace sign around my neck. For over 20 years I have had this desire to lead meditation or prayer for peace, wishing to have gatherings at my home. I finally started doing it about two years ago, but with only small success.

Then, in October of 2015, I was taking a follow up of the Advanced Class by Dr. Joe Dispenza. During our class we did a global coherence meditation. It was extremely moving for me. He has done two other meditations that I participated in. It was essential for me that I rearrange my day to be able to participate. I feel that it is hugely important to help create peace and cooperation in our world. The last meditation he did was August 2016, where he partnered with Bethany and the Albany Peace Project. I was so excited that something like this was being done. I contacted Bethany, watched the video – many times – and thought I would really like to do this in the Boston area. I spent a lot of time thinking about it. And over the next few months it was something that took me over. My fears held me back because I don’t know much about technology, because I am not a part of any large organization, because I am just this small regular person. But as I watched my patients and everyone around me continue to get more fearful, angry, and sad regarding all the happenings in the USA and the terrorism in the world. The idea got much larger than my fear. I had to do it or I think I might have exploded. My daughters helped me create the Boson Peace Project Facebook page. We set up an email address and a YouTube account. And we did it all between December 27th and 30th of 2016, basically going live two days before the new year of 2017. We are a small but growing community of people and I am so grateful for everyone who has helped me get this important message and work out there! And I am truly grateful and inspired by all the beautiful people who are joining us in this journey! A huge thank you to Bethany for supporting me and believing in my ability to actually bring this to fruition.

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Contact: Lynne Powers

Email: Bostonpeaceproject@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peaceprojectboston/

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